Traditionally recruitment teams have relied on active candidates to apply for jobs as inbound applicants and more often than not, it has sufficed for the business to achieve its recruitment goals. With the current economic unpredictability and competitive markets, it’s more imperative than ever for recruiters to hunt for passive candidates ( not actively searching for jobs ) who might be a better fit for open job positions.

Passive candidate sourcing refers to the practice of hunting and engaging with passive candidates to convert them into active candidates. 


Freshteam CRM helps you elevate your game with a powerful chrome plugin to capture details of passive candidates, a robust ‘outbound leads’ dashboard view to track and follow up with passive candidates and UI enhancements to make the hiring pipeline for each job, more seamless and intuitive.

Leads Tab to Capture Passive Candidates

We have introduced a new stage in the hiring pipeline called ‘Leads’ to capture the passive candidates/ outbound leads that recruiters identify and add to the system. 

1.1 How to add new leads?

The recruitment team could add outbound leads either via the chrome plugin or by clicking on the ‘Add Candidate’ button, updating the corresponding details and selecting the stage as ‘Outbound Leads’. These candidates would be added to Freshteam and can be viewed in the Leads tab.

NoteSince the numbers of leads sourced by the recruitment team would be typically high, the default view is set as the ‘list view’ vs the typical 'kanban view'.

1.2 What are the substages in the Lead stage?

By default, a candidate in the Leads stage can be tagged to one of the following 2 sub-stages - 

  • Outbound Lead - This default sub-stage lists all the passive candidates identified by the recruiter through different sources.

  • Reached Out - This default sub-stage lists all the outbound leads who have been reached out to by the recruiter.

  • Customized substages - You can add other substages such as 'Multiple Follow-Ups' to track the list of candidates you might have followed up with after the first outreach.

1.3 How to engage with leads?

Once the recruitment team has added the list of passive candidates, you would want to reach out to them to gauge their interest and get them interested in the role ( and consequently apply for the job ). 

  • You can select the candidate by clicking on the radio button in the candidate column and then clicking on the fifth tab that says ‘Email’. You could also email the lead via candidate 360.

  • This opens up a pop-up window for you to draft a customized email based on the passive candidate’s profile. You could add attachments such as a company overview PDF or JD for the candidate to review.

  • You can click on 'Send' to email the candidate, which would automatically be advanced to the next sub-stage. Alternatively, you could manually select one of the options from the ‘Send’,  ‘Send and Advance to Reached Out’ or any other substage that you have added under Leads. The substage for the particular candidate would be updated accordingly. 

  • You can choose to customize the outreach by segregating candidates with different filters such as the ‘last contacted’ filter. ( more details below )

  • You could also edit the stage from leads to applicants if the previously passive candidate applies to the job ( turns active ).

NoteYou can email all or more than one passive candidate with a generic email within a few clicks. You can select the corresponding radio buttons for more than one candidate from the Candidates column, click on the fifth icon that says ‘Email’ and follow the same process as mentioned above.


Reports in Freshteam

As a part of this update, you might need to make some updates to ensure that your reports work seamlessly. Know more about the necessary changes to be made with this support article.

You can download the chrome plug-in for passive candidate sourcing by clicking on this link.

What's Next?