Allows recruiters to input prospective candidate details & define their recruitment stage directly from various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, AngelList and many more, right into their Freshteam candidate database. 


Supported sites: LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, AngelList, Stack Overflow, Xing, Coderwall, Dribble, Behance, Naukri





In an organisation all types of recruitment happen, it’s not just a one-way interaction where a candidate applies for a job and then the simultaneous process follows, there’s also a process where recruiters actively look out for the best candidates for their organisation on various platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, Behance & many more just to get them in into the pipeline for a suitable role, maybe today or maybe for a later date. 


When it comes to recruiting passively, recruiters are actively juggling sites, either to find candidates for active Jobs, or proactively saving their profile in the talent pool for future job openings. Freshteam sourcing extension helps ease that effort where recruiters can directly provide prospective candidate details, right from the platform directly into their Freshteam candidate database. 


The extension helps you in gathering candidate information without switching between multiple tabs (ATS and platform), never ending data entry, and cross-checking existing profiles. Further, you can identify if a similar or a duplicate candidate exists in the system, before even pursuing them. Candidate sourcing can perform the following actions right from various platforms directly into your Freshteam account:



  1. Add candidate directly for an Active job into Freshteam
  2. Auto populate basic candidate details based on uploaded CV
  3. Auto populate similar candidate entire profile from Freshteam
  4. Assign & place candidates into various stages of recruitment
  5. Check for similar candidates that exists in your Freshteam 
  6. Check for duplicate candidates that exists in your Freshteam DB
  7. Input data fields like work employer, education, Source etc. 
  8. Save candidate data for later requirements through candidate pool

Installation instructions for adding sourcing extension:


  • Download the extension here, or visit the Chrome store and search for ‘Freshteam Sourcing Extension’.
  • Select the extension & log into the extension using your Freshteam instance URL, and Voila! The extension is ready for use.


Below GIF demonstrates the steps:

Using your candidate sourcing extension: 


The below steps show how candidates are added from a prospective candidates’ LinkedIn profile directly into your Freshteam account: 


  1. Click the Freshteam extension icon when you stumble upon a profile you want to save so that you can add it you Freshteams candidate database 
  1. Upload the CV, candidate sourcing will fill in the basic profile details and Freshteam will search for a match in your candidate database (Freshteam will automatically parse the CV and fill in the details like "Employer" & "Education" directly into your Freshteam candidate profile from the uploaded CV)
  1. To avoid duplicity of candidates being sourced, Freshteam will automatically look out for candidates in your Freshteams candidate database that are either similar or duplicate as shown in the GIF below
  2. If in case the CV is not available, you can manually enter candidate information such as First name, Last name, Email address, or profile link of the candidate and the usual flow will take place
  1. Once candidate details are filled proceed & click on “Add new candidate”  
  1. Now for the candidate, select “Job” (In case candidate is considered for current active job) or “Talent pool” (In case candidate is considered for a later date requirements) based on organizational need 
  1. Fill in the details like “Job” “Employer” “Education”, proceed with “Add candidate” & your prospective candidate details will be added into your Freshteams database. Note: In case of similar candidate “Employer” & “Education” will get auto populated from your Freshteam candidate database into your sourcing plugin along with other profile details of the candidate


Below GIF demonstrates point 5, 6 & 7


  1. To add more candidates, simply hit the refresh button on top right corner of the extension tab that is open.


Candidate Profile Update


Recruitment can be of type Active & Passive. While doing passive recruitment one might come across a profile that fits to a particular job description and the recruitment might want to add them to their ATS system. With the Freshteam extension in place one can go to any* of the professional social networking sites and fill in the bare minimum details (Name, Email, Phone) details, then and there, right from the platform & add the candidates to Freshteams’ candidate list repository.


Once the passive candidate turns active (Interested in job/ reaches out to recruiter for the job description) the recruiter will want the candidate to fill in the details which are part of the recruitment process as a result will want the candidate to fill the job application form posted on career site.

Once the candidate fills in the application form posted on career site & submits it, Freshteam will automatically update the existing information of the candidate that was created while doing passive recruitment. This removes duplication of the candidate profile and creates a good recruiter experience.


Note: Candidate profile update can only happen when the candidate is in Sourcing stage, after moving to screening the update will not be reflected ( automatic update will happen if the candidate uses the same email id. otherwise a new profile will be created) - points in bracket does not happen if they use the same email id. so we can remove it. Once the candidate fills in the application form posted on career site & submits it, Freshteam will automatically update the existing information of the candidate that was created while doing passive recruitment.


Below GIF demonstrates passive recruitment


Once the candidate shows interest thereby turning it into active recruitment in the job the recruiter will want the candidate to fill in the detailed job application posted on the career site. The details filled by the candidate will be updated in the profile that was created in the previous step


Below GIF demonstrates the same


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the difference between duplicate candidates and similar candidates?
    In Freshteam, if the email address of the new candidate matches an existing candidate's profile, it will be considered as a duplicate entry. Whereas, if the full name or the phone number matches with an existing candidate profile, those profiles will be listed as similar entries.
  2. Will Freshteam auto-populate all the candidate details from the page? 
    Currently, Freshteam does not auto-populate candidate details from the external sites as these external sites do not give permission to scrape data.
  3. Which job roles can use the sourcing extension? 
    Currently, 6 job roles can access the sourcing extension. They are Limited Recruiter, Limited HR partner, Recruiter, HR partner, Admin, Account Admin
  4. Does the extension track my browser history or read any of my site's data?
    No, our Sourcing Extension does not track your browser history or read your site's data.
  5. How do I troubleshoot if my extension is stuck or my domain is not being recognised?

           1. Refresh the page and try again

           2. Quit/Close the browser completely and open it again

           3. Uninstall and install the extension again

           Reach out to support if none of the above work.