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When candidate sourcing is at its peak, two or more recruiters may have zeroed in on the same candidate. As a result, you will have the same candidate entered multiple times in Freshteam. 

This clogs up your hiring pipeline and can lead to a poor candidate experience. Recruiters must spend more time weed out duplicate profiles to avoid processing the same candidate twice.

Duplicate profiles will also affect the sourcing metrics, as you won’t know the total number of original profiles. To help you handle this confusion, Freshteam now helps you merge multiple profiles. On merging similar candidates, you create a one-stop shop for all the candidate details. 

Note: Please remember that it is impossible to undo the merging.

Here’s how it works-

1. In the Candidate 360 view, Freshteam will let you know if similar candidate profiles exist. You can click on ‘Merge them’ to see the list of similar profiles.

2. In the list, you can see different profiles, the job associated with each profile, and the details that match with the existing profile such as;

  • Mobile number
  • Phone number
  • First + Last name

3. Select the profile that matches the existing profile. At this stage, you need to also select the primary candidate. The primary candidate is the profile that contains candidate information you want to retain in Freshteam.  

In case of a mismatch of details between the existing and matched profile, Freshteam will use the details mentioned in the primary candidate profile in Candidate 360.

Note: If you are merging candidate profiles for the same job, ensure that you choose the one with the latest information. Interview and offer details will be intact only on the primary profile, all interviews and offer information from the non-primary profiles will not be available.

4. You can discard the suggested profile if you do not find an appropriate match. This suggestion will not show up again unless you update the suggestion with some details that match your candidate's details.

5. The timeline in Candidate 360 will capture the merge timestamp, along with the jobs that have been updated to the primary candidate profile. 

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