Accessible to Account Admin, Admin, HR Partner, Limited HR Partner, Recruiter and Limited Recruiter.

When you upload a resume to Freshteam, it automatically scans the resume, parses it and uses the data it interprets to pre-populate the candidate's Candidate 360 profile tab.

Note: You can even use the search bar to search for the parsed data.

Breaking down the sections of the profile tab

A profile page is categorized into 5 segments

  • Personal information: Name, email, phone number, social links.
  • Source, Source Category and Reference information: How did they apply to your organization, who referred them and what was the source?
  • Resume Extract: An information digest from the candidate's resume, which gives the top essential insights viz. experience, previous employer, education, skills and expertise.

  • Applicant Tracking System Info: This is a list of tags added by the recruiter or hiring manager and the job posting they've applied for. One can add tag profiles by clicking on the '+' icon to the right of tags list.
  • Documents: Any document submitted on the candidate, resume, portfolio etc.
  • Custom application form dataAll the custom data that you've collected using your 'Custom Application Form' is available here.

Note: Custom Application Form is available only on the Blossom, Garden and Estate plans.