This article explains everything you need to know while working with candidate profiles in Freshteam: candidate stages, statuses and quick access actions.


Candidate Stages

With every job posting, there are different stages that a candidate has to go through to get hired (we call this, the hiring process). The default hiring process has five top level categories: 

  • Candidate - including leads ( outbound passive candidates ) and applicants ( inbound active applicants )

  • Screening

  • Interviews

  • Offer and Hire

Admins can create many stages under Screening, Face to Face and Offer categories, depending on the job role. However, the last two stages of 'Offer' will always remain 'Make an offer and 'Offer Accepted or Declined. (Read here on how to configure the hiring processes)

Every candidate, once associated with a job posting, starts off at the Candidate stage before they move along the process. Since email applicants are applicants who haven't been linked to a job posting, there are no stages associated with them. 

List view showing candidates by stage

Candidate Status

Freshteam also associates a status with every candidate. They are two: Active and Inactive.

  • Active: The candidate is associated with a stage in a live job posting.
  • Inactive: When a candidate is moved from an active state to a state like Rejected, Archived to Talent Pool, Moved to another job, Deleted or Blacklisted, then the candidate is considered to be inactive.

Actions on the Candidate Portfolio

You can perform the following actions to a candidate portfolio -

  • Rate for Job Fitment - This is especially useful when you're screening candidates quickly, by how good a fit they are for the job posting to which they've applied.
  • Advance candidate to the next stage - This action moves candidates to the next step in the hiring process.
  • Advance candidate to a specific stage - Unlike 'Advance candidate to next stage' which moves the candidate to the next step in the hiring process, you can choose to move a candidate to any specific stage in the hiring process with this option.
  • Schedule interview: You can schedule an interview with this candidate. (Click here to know more)

  • Reject a candidate - If you feel the candidate doesn't meet the job requirements, you can choose to reject the candidate at any stage, except the 'Make an Offer' stage. While rejecting a candidate you'll have the option to:

  1. Choose the reason why you're rejecting the candidate

  2. Leave a comment to hiring panel member and

  3. Notify the candidate about your decision

Note: If you want to undo the reject action performed on a candidate, you can do so with Freshteam. However, once the candidate is un-rejected, we will move the candidate back to the job opening to which he/she was mapped earlier, and to do the same, the job opening's status has to be open and not closed. If it is closed, you will not get the option to undo the reject action on the candidates of that job.

Only recruiters, admins and account admins can add to the list of reject reasons. While hiring managers can reject candidates, they can't add to the list.

Archive to Talent Pool - If you feel that a particular candidate's profile is perfect for another job role, and not this particular job posting to which they've applied, you can archive them to the Talent Pool. While doing so, you can associate the prospective job role to the candidate and even add any tags you wish. This way, the next time you create a job posting for that particular role, Freshteam will make sure to recommend these candidates.


You have a different set of functions you can perform from the other options tab like adding tags, moving across jobs, blocking or deleting a candidate.

Bulk Actions

You can also perform these actions in bulk mode using the bulk actions toolbar that appears when you select multiple candidates. When you hover over a candidate tile or row item, you'll see a circle to the left. Clicking on the left circle selects the candidate. If you choose one or more candidates from the Kanban or List view, you'll see the bulk action menu sliding down from the top of the screen.

In addition, you'll see an option to bulk email candidates.

What's Next?