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Candidates can apply directly to job postings through the career site, the job embeds, and the Facebook app tab. But there are also several other ways to add candidates for consideration. In this article, we will see how to bulk import candidates. 

  1. If you have a database of candidate resumes, you can upload these resumes in batches as a Zip file. 
  2. The resume data will automatically get parsed and the candidate will be created in the system. 
  3. Go to Recruit and select the job you wish to add candidates to, click on the arrow next to Add candidates
  4. Choose Bulk Import Resumes from the drop-down and the following box will pop up. 
  5. While you upload them, you have the option to associate a Source and Source Category to the candidate, this would help in efficient tracking. 
  6. Click on Start Import to start the import and add the candidates.

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