(It will take you about a minute to create a user and assign a role on Freshteam)

When hiring as a team, you’ll have multiple people accessing Freshteam. Just to keep each of their Freshteam worlds separate, you can assign user roles to them. Every user role comes with a different set of abilities and defines who can do what. You can read the below list before you start assigning roles to your fellow hiring heroes.

  • Account Admin - Has complete control over the Freshteam including access to the account or billing-related information and receives invoices. Kind of like the big guy!
  • Admin - Can Access & Modify all configurations in the Settings and will have complete access to all modules, but are restricted from Viewing Account & Billing settings.
  • HR Partner - Can Access & Modify entire Employee information including Time-off compensation and team workflows of any employee.
  • Recruiter - Can manage all Productivity and Applicant Tracking System features like creating job postings, adding candidates, scheduling interviews, moving candidates, etc., but has restricted access to other settings like account and billing info.
  • Hiring Manager - This is a special role for the recruitment module. Can view candidates, advance stages, and view offer details. Has employee level access to other modules.
  • Employee - Can View a limited set of information of other Employees, Request time off, View company job postings, and Refer a candidate to an Organisation.