Remote is a global payroll and employee onboarding solution that helps organizations to hire and onboard talent without facing region-specific nuances related to payroll, compliance, onboarding regulations etc. 

Freshteam’s latest integration with Remote allows Freshteam customers to:

  • Sync new hire data to Remote on a real-time basis 
  • Sync updates in existing employee information 

This leads to HR teams focusing more on their strategic tasks instead of manually updating employee information. 


Pre-Installation Guidelines

Before you set up the integration, please note the following: 

  • Mandatory field caution: While creating a new employee profile, please ensure that you add all the mandatory fields such as first name, last name, official email, employee ID, date of joining, employee type and employee designation. If any one of these fields is missing, the real-time sync will not happen from Freshteam-Remote. 

  • One-way sync caution: This is a one-way sync from Freshteam to Remote, so once you set up the integration, please ensure that you do not edit any employee data directly on Remote.

  • Freshteam >> Remote data sync frequency: 
    • Whenever a new employee is created on Freshteam, the sync will happen real-time on Remote. 
    • For existing employees, in every 6 mins, 4 employees are synced to Remote. This will only take place for users on a free trial of Freshteam.
    • For users on a paid plan of Freshteam, in every 6 mins, 22 employees are synced to Remote. 

  • Freshteam>>Remote sync data fields: From Freshteam to Remote, the following data fields are synced. 



First name, middle name, last name


Personal email

Employee email

Office location

Country of work

Designation or title

Job title

Date of joining

Provisional start date

Employee type

Employee type

Detailed Instructions for Remote Installation

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings -> General Settings -> Integrate with other Apps -> Apps

2. Search for Remote on the search bar. You can also find it under All in the Browse by Category Section. Otherwise, you can select the category Payroll and easily spot Remote.

3. Click on Install to initiate the integration. It will take you to the configuration page. The configuration page is divided into four tabs: Connect Freshteam, Connect Remote, Configurations, and Failure Sync Log. 

4. Go to the Connect Freshteam tab. Here, you will find Domain Name auto-populated, enter the API key. To find the API key, click on your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Now, click on Validate to get successfully connected to Freshteam. 

5. Go to the Connect Remote tab, and enter the Company Id. To find the Company Id, go to the Remote portal -> Company Settings -> Copy the Company Id. Click on the Validate button to get connected to Remote.

6. Go to the Configurations tab. Here you will be able to select which employees to sync from Freshteam to Remote. Click on Advanced to view the fields that are being synced from Freshteam to Remote. Please note that the fields being synced are mandatory ones, and you cannot uncheck a particular field.  

7. Click on Advanced to also view what action on Freshteam triggers a sync/action on Remote. For instance, when employees are being created on Freshteam, the same employees will also be created on Remote. Please note that the employee creation is not a mandatory trigger, so you can uncheck it based on your business needs. Similarly, when an employee profile is updated on Freshteam, the same action will happen on Remote. However, this is a mandatory trigger, and you will not be able to uncheck this.

8. Click on Next to go to the Failure Sync Log tab. On this tab, you can view any sync failures and identify the cause for the same. 

9. Click on Install button to successfully install Remote.

What's Next

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