Ramp helps customers save time and money with the next generation of finance tools—from cards and expenses to bills and accounting. With a few simple clicks, you can issue a corporate card and control the spend limit for your team. Your employees can upload expense receipts instantly to get them approved. With Ramp, thousands of companies have reduced their average spend by 3.3% and closed their books 8X faster. Are you ready to join Ramp? 

This article walks you through how to integrate your Freshteam account with Ramp, the simple and free solution designed to save time and money.


                                       Watch this short video to explore the true benefits of using Ramp. 

Understanding the Benefits of Freshteam + Ramp Integration

By integrating your Freshteam account with Ramp, you can simplify new employee onboarding, issue employee benefits with a few clicks and control spend at scale. Let us explore the potential benefits of integrating with Ramp:

  • Fast-track employee benefit roll out

Accelerate your new employee onboarding. Automatically issue benefits with customized card programs designed for wellness benefits, education stipends and much more. 

  • Effectively control your spend

Set recurring spend limits, merchant and category restrictions on your cards with Ramp and Freshteam. Please note that these rules can be reset daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

  • Update access as your company changes

Update card ownership, terminate users upon their exit, and instantly lock cards when employees change roles.

How to Install Ramp

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1. Visit Freshworks Marketplace

2. Search for Ramp

3. Apply for a Ramp card in just a few minutes by visiting this link. Start earning 1.5% cashback on day1.

4. After integrating your Freshteam account with Ramp, Ramp will pull the following information from your employee directory: 

  • Employee name
  • Employee email
  • Role
  • Reporting manager. Please note that for this information transfer to happen, the reporting manager’s information should be already added on Ramp or invited on Ramp through bulk invite. 
  • Department and location. Please note that for this information transfer to happen, the department and location details should be already added on Ramp. 

5. If a specific department or location does not exist on Ramp, those fields will be highlighted in red. Admins can spot those information gaps and create the departments or locations from the drop-downs for each field or assign the employee to an existing Ramp department or location. If you choose to create a new department or location, Ramp will map it to the associated department/location in your HR Integration for future invites and updates.


For any queries, please write to us at support@ramp.com