TalentLMS is a renowned Learning Management System(LMS) that helps business leaders provide the right training experience to their teams. Starting from onboarding training, compliance, and upskilling, TalentLMS is the single-stop solution for all your training requirements. With the latest Freshteam - TalentLMS integration, Freshteam customers can now leverage TalentLMS to train and coach their employee base. Let us understand how this integration works:


Pre-Installation Guidelines

  1. Understanding the TalentLMS lingo: While using Freshteam + TalentLMS, you will encounter branches and groups. A branch is a higher-level hierarchy while a group is a lower-level hierarchy. An employee can either go to no branch-no group, or no branch-certain groups, groups within a branch, no groups within a branch.  
  2. Initial sync constraint: During the initial sync, you can only pick one configuration. You can either choose All Employees or Apply a certain filter. Once the initial sync is over, 200 employee records will be synced per hour from Freshteam to TalentLMS. Please wait for all your employees to be synced, once the sync is completed, you can go back and add other configurations. 
  3. You should have an empty TalentLMS account with no existing employee records for the initial sync to successfully happen. 

How to Install TalentLMS within Freshteam

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with Other Apps > Apps. Click on Install TalentLMS.

2. A configuration page will open up on your screen. This page has the following tabs: Connect Freshteam, Connect TalentLMS, Configurations, and Failure Sync Log. 

3. On the Connect Freshteam tab, your domain URL will be auto-populated. Enter your API key and click on Validate to successfully connect to Freshteam. To find your API key, go to your profile icon on the top right corner of your screen, and copy the API key from there. 

4. On the Connect TalentLMS tab, enter the TalentLMS domain and API key. Click on Validate to get connected to TalentLMS. 

5. On the Configurations tab, pick a configuration and click on Save. Now TalentLMS is successfully installed. 


What's Next?

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