TalentLMS Employee Data Platform(EDP) brings employee learning data from TalentLMS and Freshteam’s employee data in a single place. This means you can easily build visualizations to analyze your employee’s learning curve. For instance, you can create a report to identify the employees who have completed the cyber security course. Let us explore how to install TalentLMS EDP:

How to Install TalentLMS EDP

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps.

2. Browse for TalentLMS EDP 

3. Open TalentLMS EDP app and click on Install. As a next step, a Configuration page will open up that has four tabs: Connect Freshteam, Connect TalentLMS, Sync Configurations, Information Access. 

4. On the Connect Freshteam tab, enter the Freshteam Domain and API Key. To find the API Key, click on your profile icon on the top-right corner and copy the API key.  

5. On the Connect TalentLMS tab, enter the TalentLMS LMS Domain ID and API Key. To find your API Key, go to TalentLMS > Account & Settings > Security > Enable API > API Key.  

6. On the Sync Configurations tab, you will be able to spot the data sync frequency. 

7. On the Information Access tab, you can manage and control access to various roles within your organization. 

8. Click on Install to successfully install TalentLMS Employee Data Platform(EDP). Now you will be able to see employee’s course completion rates on Freshteam itself. 

How to Create Reports with TalentLMS EDP and Freshteam

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Reports > Analytics. Now click on New Report to create a new report. 

2. On your screen, you will see an empty board on which you can create charts. Click on Charts and drag and drop to create a chart. 

3. Add a name for your chart and click on the Chart Widget to configure it. 

4. Please note that you can create multiple charts for various use cases. If you want to create a report to identify employees who have not completed the data security course in Q3, add the necessary metrics and filters. Eg. Employee TalentLMS course name is data security + Employee TalentLMS completion date is empty + Employee 15Five performance review cycle name is Y 2021 etc. 

For any queries, please contact us at support@freshteam.com.