15Five Employee Data Platform(EDP) brings employee performance metrics from 15Five and Freshteam’s employee data in a single place. This means you can access critical employee data in one place to drive important business decisions. With 15Five EDP, you can easily build visualizations. For instance, you can create a report to identify last year’s top performers who have requested for resignation. These intuitive visualizations can help you unlock critical insights to improve your employee experience. Let us explore how to install 15Five EDP:


How to Install 15Five EDP

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps.

2. Browse for 15Five EDP

3. Open 15Five EDP app and click on Install. As a next step, a Configuration page will open up that has four tabs: Connect Freshteam, Connect 15Five, Sync Configurations, Information Access. 

4. On the Connect Freshteam tab, enter the Freshteam Domain and API Key. To find the API Key, click on your profile icon on the top-right corner and copy the API key.  

5. On the Connect 15Five tab, enter the 15Five API URL and Access Token. To find your Access Token, go to 15Five > Settings > Features > Integrations > Public API > Access Token.  

6. On the Sync Configurations tab, you can choose the data you would want to import from Freshteam. Additionally, you will be able to spot the data sync frequency on this screen.  

7. On the Information Access tab, you can manage and control access to various roles within your organization. 

8. Click on Install to successfully install 15Five Employee Data Platform(EDP). Now you will be able to view pulse and reviews within your employee profile on Freshteam. 

How to Create Reports with 15Five EDP and Freshteam

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Reports > Analytics. Now click on New Report to create a new report. 

2. On your screen, you will see an empty board on which you can create charts. Click on Charts and drag and drop to create a chart. 

3. As a next step, add the necessary metrics. For eg, if you want to create a report to identify the employees who have a review score>70 in a specific review cycle, add metrics such as 15Five Performance of Candidates + review score >70 + mention the review cycle name. 

4. If you want to create a report to identify the top performers/department who have low engagement rates, add the necessary metrics such as 15Five Performance. The Performance Category should be MVP and the Employee's Pulse Score should be <=4. You can also group this by department.

For any queries, please contact us at support@freshteam.com.