Officevibe is an employee engagement platform that helps organizations improve their overall employee experience. Built on the people-first approach, Officevibe introduces a modern approach to employee surveying, anonymous feedback, recognition, OKRs, 1:1 meetings, team leadership, and more. With Freshteam’s latest integration with Officevibe, HR leaders can create a positive environment for their teams by encouraging genuine conversations. Fresteam and Officevibe ensure that the managers are equipped with the right tools to lead, tackle tough situations and guide important conversations - all backed up by data. 


Benefits of Officevibe integration

  • View employee survey data, goals based on team structure: Based on Freshteam employee data, one can create and manage team structures on Officevibe. Managers of each team will be able to view employee survey data, 1:1 conversation summary, and goals for their teams.  
  • Automatically sync Freshteam employee data to Officevibe: Employee data is automatically synced from Freshteam to Officevibe every day. For any new employee profile being added or profiles being deleted on Freshteam due to termination/exit, everything is updated on Officevibe. One can also initiate a manual sync of employee data.

How to integrate with Officevibe 

1. Open Freshworks Marketplace

2. Click on ‘Visit site to install Officevibe

3. Log into your OfficeVibe account. Once you have logged in, go to your Organization's settings -> find Integrations on the left-hand tab -> click on the Configure button next to the HRIS Platform option -> select Freshteam from the list.

4. As a next step, you have to enter your subdomain or credentials

5. Pull employee details from your Freshteam employee directory. Certain properties can be created by importing the values from your HRIS user pages. Simply enable the setting and select which fields(such as date of birth, hire date, department etc) you wish to import.

6. You can choose to either create Members and invite them after the sync is turned on, at a later date, or choose to create and invite your Members once the sync is turned on.

7. The integration also allows you to sync your organization's hierarchy from Freshteam to Officevibe.

8. You are now all set to turn on the Daily Sync. You will need to click the Save Settings button at the bottom-left to ensure the sync will run the next day effectively. 

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