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With Google Directory Integration, you will be able to import users in your Directory to Freshteam, and upon resyncing it, any modifications in the profile in Directory will be applied to the profiles in Freshteam. Currently, you can use Google Directory integration only for syncing and creating/updating profiles in Freshteam. 

In this article, we will see how to Integrate your Freshteam account with your Google Directory in simple steps. 

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with Other Apps > Integrations. 

2. Under Integrations, you will find Google Directory

3. Click the Enable toggle to start the integration process. 

4. The following screen will show up. 

5. Click on Authorize Access to give access to your account to Freshteam. 

6. If you have Authorize access, you would be able to do this integration yourself. 

7. If you do not have the required authority, please add the Google Account admin with the required access as Freshteam admin to authorize this integration. 

8. After successful integration, you will be brought back to Freshteam, to this page, where you can import your employee details. 

9. Click on " Go To Editor" to view your employee information and also edit it. 

10. Once you are satisfied with the information provided, click on Create Employees to directly create your employees in Freshteam or click on Save and Send Invite to save the information and invite your employees to sign in themselves into Freshteam. 

11. Note that creating the employees or saving the information will take some time from our end and it is mandatory that you do not close the tab for the process to be completed without hassle. We will notify the same to you in this dialog box that appears when you click on any of the actions as well. 

12. Your employees should be created after some time, check to confirm, and have a good time with Freshteam.

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