Role Availability: All Plans of Freshteam 

If you are an admin/account admin in your Freshteam account looking to assign an employee with a role that has access to everything except that of certain privileges like Billing or Plans or Other Admin Setups, HR partner role is what you should go for. It is an administrative role within Freshteam where users can manage everything within Freshteam. 

HR partner role users can view and manage recruitment, onboarding, employee fields and directory, time-off management of employees, and offboarding. So, if you are an HR Partner in your company's Freshteam Account, you can see what you can do here before you start crunching the software. 

Let us look at the privileges and what an HR Partner can/cannot do in Freshteam in detail now. 

1. List of pages that the ‘HR partner’ can access

- My dashboard

  1. My dashboard
  2. Overall employee dashboard

Company time off dashboard

- Recruit section

  1. All jobs 
  2. All Candidates information 
  3. Talent pool 
  4. Referrals

- Requisition section

1. My requisitions

- Onboarding 

- Employee directory

1. All employee information

2. Org chart

- Offboarding

1. Offboarding pipeline

- Time off

1. My time off

2.My team time off

3. My Company time off



Benefits and limitations

HR Partner user can do the following

  1. Can do anything a Recruiter role user can do in the system + the below items

  1. Can access settings

    1. Can set canned responses

    2. Manage roles

    3. Modify recruitment-related items and offer management  setup

    4. Employee record setup within the account

    5. Setup onboarding

    6. Setup offboarding

    7. Setup Time off

  1. Can completely manage onboarding and new hires

    1. Can send the welcome kit to new joiners

    2. Can add new hires

    3. Can track checklist for onboarding

    4. Add the new hire as an employee and send the invitation email

  1. Manage Employee directory and employee fields - no visibility restrictions

    1. Can edit employee fields

    2. Can delete employee records

    3. Can export employee details in a CSV format

    4. Can import employee information into the system

    5. They also have access to update employee records in bulk

  1. Can terminate employees from the system

    1. Manage the offboarding process

    2. Manage checklist

    3. Terminate employee and make them inactive

  1. Can manage time-off requests

    1. Can view and modify employee time off balance

    2. Can look at unapproved leave requests and action them if needed

    3. Can raise a leave request on behalf of employees

    4. Can view the accrual summary balance

HR Partner cannot perform the following items

1. Cannot set General settings in the account

  • Company structure
  • Locations
  • Departments/sub-departments/team/business unit (admin can do this configuration)
  • Preferences

2. Cannot modify Account settings

  • Plans and billings
  • Security

3. Cannot do Integrations setup and custom app via API

4. Cannot add vendors to the system

That is all you need to know about the HR Partner Role, for more details, contact us at