Role Availability: Only on the Garden and Estate Plans of Freshteam

Limited HR partner is a subset of an HR partner role where the user only has access to employees and all their details - who are associated with them as ‘HR partner’ in the employee profile. You can also assign Limited HR partners to have access to all employees/functions based on a specific location. While associating this role to a user - you will be able to mention the location, they have access to. 

So, what can an employee with a Limited HR Partner Role do? 

List of pages that Limited HR partner can access

  1. My dashboard (HR partner role will have access to two other dashboards)

  2. Access to all Recruit functions (like HR partner)

  3. Access to the requisitions raised by the user

  4. Employee directory

    1. Can view all the employees and their public fields.

    2. For employees with HR partner marked with the user - they will have access to all fields of the employee and can edit values for those employees

      For employees with the user not assigned as an HR partner

    3. Can filter employees

    4. Can export employee details but will get only the information that is accessible for the user in the tool (restriction will apply)

  5. Org Chart

  6. Time off

    1. My time off screen

    2. My team calendar

    3. My company calendar - it will only show the employees to whom the user is marked as ‘HR partner’. Not all employees show up here.

  7. Settings 

    1. Canned responses

    2. Job publishing items

    3. Offer setup

    4. Import of employee details - only update functionality