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  1. Do you want to reject any candidate with less than N number of years of experience?
  2. Do want to inform candidates once they move from Stage B to Stage C in your hiring process?
  3. Do you want to send an assessment test to all candidates if they are moved to the ‘online test’ stage?  


You might be spending a lot of time doing manual, repetitive actions like these for all your candidates. 

Freshteam’s Autopilot workflow builder allows you to set up automated workflows for your repetitive hiring processes. 


Creating an autopilot workflow

You can set up Autopilot workflows at a job-specific level. Here’s how you can access Autopilot in Freshteam:

  1. Go to Recruitment > RecruitJobs and click on the job for which you’d like to build workflows.
  2. Click on the View job details page. 
  3. Scroll to the end of the page, you will find Manage Autopilot Workflows under the Hiring Workflow section. 

4. You can choose from our sample templates or create a new Autopilot workflow by clicking on the Create new automation option on the top-right side of the screen. 


5. Name the Autopilot workflow by entering the name at the top left part of the screen. 

6. To set up an Autopilot workflow you need to define three pieces of information - Events, Conditions, and Actions


  • An EVENT defines when exactly should the workflow be triggered. Example: When a candidate applies, or when a candidate is moved to the ‘online test’ stage, etc
  • A CONDITION defined the criteria when the workflow should be triggered. Example: If the candidate’s work experience is < 5 years, or when the Source of the candidate is LinkedIn, etc. You can add multiple conditions to an Autopilot workflow using an AND (all conditions to be met) or an OR (any condition to be met) operator. 
  • An ACTION is the precise automated activity that the system will execute when the Autoplit workflow gets triggered. Example: Reject the candidate, send an email to the candidate, move the candidate to another stage, etc.

In short, you need to tell Freshteam when to act, on what criteria, and what to do.

Here is the complete set of Events, Conditions, and Actions that you can choose from, in any combination possible, and create Autopilot workflows to eliminate your repetitive tasks





  • A candidate is added to a job
  • A candidate is moved to a new stage
  • A candidate is rejected from a job
  • A candidate is archived in the talent pool
  • Custom application form questions
  • Candidate email address
  • Source
  • Source category
  • Referred by
  • Stage name
  • Tag
  • Rejected reason 
  • Associated job role 
  • Candidate is present in another job
  • Update stage
  • Advance stage
  • Reject candidate
  • Archive candidate
  • Add tags
  • Update source
  • Update source category
  • Send email
  • Add comment
  • Create task
  • Send test
  • Trigger webhook


7. Click on the Save button at the top right to create your Autopilot workflow. 

Warning: If you use a particular source/source category in automation and you delete that source/source category, any automation containing conditions/events specifying the particular source/source category will not be executed.

Most common use cases solved using Autopilot workflows

‘Autopilot workflows’ are one of the most powerful and widely used features of Freshteam. Here are detailed articles of some of the most common automation use-cases that are solved using Autopilot workflows:

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