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Do you want to trigger Web hooks and get things like creating, updating of information done automatically? Well, Freshteam makes sure you can. With our Autopilot feature, you can easily create workflows with events that could trigger web-hooks. Let us see how. 

You can set up autopilot as mentioned here.

While setting up Autopilot, under different actions you can specify select Trigger Webhook:

  • Update stage
  • Advance stage
  • Reject candidate
  • Archive candidate
  • Add tags
  • Update source
  • Update source category
  • Send email
  • Add comment
  • Create task
  • Send test
  • Trigger webhook

You can put together any combination of events, conditions, and actions from the above list. 

  1. Update the Event, Stage and select action as Trigger Webhook. 
  2. Select your Request Type (POST, GET or DELETE), fill in the Callback URL. 
  3. If your Webhook action requires Authentication, enable the checkbox, fill in the details. 
  4. The different information that can be collected can be seen by viewing the Placeholders we have. 
  5. Once you are done creating the automation, click Save to save it. 

Sample use of web-hooks

Let us quickly see an example event that we can trigger using web-hooks. 

  1. Let's assume you are someone who uses another HR software and not Freshteam to maintain your Employee Record, and you use Freshteam as your ATS. 
  2. If you want to directly add every candidate hired in Freshteam as Employee in your HR Software using web-hooks in Freshteam, this is how you will go about it. 
  3. Before you create the web-hook, procure the following information from your HR Software 
    • API Request URL
    • The ENDPOINT for the usage you want, in this case, creating an employee (each Software will call this differently, find out what yours call it and get it to attach to the end of the URL. Eg: Employee Profile/Profile
    • The authorization information, this can be Username - Password, Header Key and Value or OAuth. (If it's OAuth, you would need the help of a developer to set it up
    • The body request content that works for your HR software
  4. Once you have it all, go to the job you want, View Job Details > Manage Autopilot Workflows. 
  5. Select Update HRMS to create a webhook to send details to your HR Portal. 

6. Give your Workflow a title, choose Event as When a Candidate Gets Moved to a New Stage

7. Choose Stage as Hired. 

8. Select action as Trigger Webhook, Request Type as POST

9. Enter your Callback/ API Request URL. 

10. If your authorization is Username and Password type, enable Requires Authentication and enter your credentials. 

11. If it is Key and Value in Header, enter the Name and Value as per the instructions of your HR Software. If it is OAuth, set it up with a developer's help. 

12. Choose JSON and enter the request code, Freshteam gives you placeholders that you can use to get the information you want from the candidate like Email, First Name, Last Name, etc., Please find the list of the placeholders available in Freshteam below. 

13.  Save the Workflow and get adding!

The List of Placeholders available in Freshteam that you can use in Web hooks. 





























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