Instahyre is one of India's top boards that helps recruiters source and hire best talent. With Freshteam and Instahyre integration, your hiring teams will be able to source candidates on Instahyre and view candidates from Instahyre on Freshteam. Let's understand how this works.


How to Install Instahyre

1. Log into

2. Go to Profile -> Integrations -> Applicant tracking systems and select Freshteam

3. Fill the required details such as API key and subdomain.

4. Click on Integrate Now to successfully integrate with Instahyre.

In order to export candidates to Freshteam through Instahyre, it's important to link your Instahyre Job with the associated job on Freshteam

New Job posting

When adding a new job, "Select Freshteam job to link" to select the relevant job and publish the job after adding other details.

Existing Job posting 

If you would like to link it to a job posting that is already live on Instahyre platform, select "Link to Freshteam" through the jobs dashboard.

Choose the applicable job and save it.

How to Export Candidates to Freshteam from Instahyre

Through candidates page

Once your Instahyre job is linked with your Freshteam job you can easily export candidates. Go to a candidate card and click on 'Freshteam'.

All candidates are added to Freshteam manually through candidate cards. Applications won't be added to Freshteam automatically.

Through search page

You can also export candidates through search results. On the search page, you will have to first select an Instahyre job, for which you are performing the search.

Export candidates to Freshteam through candidates' card

If your job is not linked with your Freshteam then you will first have to link it in order to export candidates through the search page.

How Can I Access Instahyre Candidates on Freshteam?

Once your Instahyre job is linked with a Freshteam job you will be able to access candidates on your Freshteam account, follow these steps:

On the left panel select Recruitment > Recruit > Active jobs. Select the jobs for which you want to see the candidates.

Now click on the candidate of your choice to see their full profile. The skills are visible as tags and you can also see notes added to my Instahyre automatically.

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