Freshteam's integration with Indeed helps recruiters source candidates across the globe. This integration is only available for Growth, Pro and Enterprise plans. 

To enable this integration you'll need an Indeed Account. There are two types of Indeed accounts:

  • User Account - We cannot integrate the User account in Freshteam 
  • Employer-Account

If someone integrates an Indeed account with Freshteam then we check whether there exists an employer with this account or not. If an employer exists then we show the list of employers.


How to Install Indeed

1. Go to settings > integration > job board. Enable the toggle against Indeed.


2. If you are logging in for the first time, you will see the below prompt to allow Freshteam to access your Indeed account. Click on Allow.

3. In the prompt that appears, you may choose the employer from your Indeed account for them to post and manage jobs. You can choose only one employer even if you have multiple employers in your Indeed account. 


4. Click enable integration 

5. You have successfully integrated with Indeed now.

How to Publish Free Jobs on Indeed

1. Go to recruit > jobs


2. Click details on the job which you want to publish on Indeed 

3. Click on job boards

4. Enable the toggle below Indeed

How to View Unpublished Jobs on Indeed

Once we enable toggle the job gets published from Indeed. But Indeed would do job verification (i.e initial screening of the job ) once the job match's indeed criteria the job gets published in Indeed. 

How to Pause a Job Posting on Indeed

This Will temporarily pause the job posting from Indeed. As shown in the screenshot once the job is paused the status of the job gets updated immediately. Its two-way sync so when you put the job status as a pause in Indeed it would pause the job in Freshteam as well.  

How to Unpublish and Re-Publish a Job on Indeed

1. Go to recruit > jobs > select your preferred job

2. Scroll down to find Job boards > Indeed > click on the three dots beside Add Budget > Unpublish or re-publish jobs based on your preference. 


How to Disable Integration with Indeed

You can stop your integration at any course of time. All you have to do is,

1. Go to Settings >integration > job board

2. Disable the toggle against Indeed. You will see the below prompt 

3. If you have active jobs on Indeed, you will see the below prompt wherein you can either choose to keep the jobs active or paused on Indeed. Click on Disable. Also, you can resume the integration anytime by re-enabling the toggle in the future. 

What's Next

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