Note: Accessible to Admins and Account Admins

CV-Library is a renowned EU-based job board. The Freshteam-CV Library integration allows recruiters to post jobs from Freshteam to CV-Library without switching platforms. With this integration, your recruiters can also:

1. Unpublish jobs on CV-Library directly from Freshteam. They can do it manually, or when the job's status is updated to closed, internal, private, on-hold, or delete in Freshteam, it will be automatically unpublished on CV library as well. 

2. Ensure an automatic sync of job details on CV-Library when updated in Freshteam. 

3. Experience Candidate Tracking with Source Attribution. This means that candidates applying to a job from CV-Library are redirected to your career portal powered by Freshteam. When they apply, the source and source category, in this case, CV-Library and Premium Job Board will be added automatically to the Candidate 360 profile. Recruiters can easily track the performance of the Job Board and measure ROI for the same.

Fields that are Synced from Freshteam to CV-Library

  • Job Description
  • Job Type
  • Salary Details 

How to Install CV-Library within Freshteam

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps 

2. You can search for "CV Library" from the search bar on the page or you can find it under "All" in the Browse by Category Section. 

3. Here, you will find CV-Library, click on the Install button next to it, to start the integration. 

4. It will take you to the configuration page, as shown below. The Configuration page has three tabs: Connect Freshteam, Connect CV-Library and Sync Log. 

5. On the Connect Freshteam tab, provide your Freshteam Account's URL and also your API Key. You can find your API key by clicking on your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Click on Verify to verify the details and move to the next step. 

6.  On the Connect CV-Library tab, fill out your Account URL and API Key. Click on Save. 

7. On clicking save, your information will be saved and you will be prompted to click on the Install button present at the bottom to finish the installation. 

How to Post Jobs on CV-Library from Freshteam

1. Go to any job opening of yours from Freshteam from the Recruit option. Click on View Job Details and scroll down to Job Boards on the page. 


2. As you can see from the above screenshot, you can find CV-Library under the Other Job Boards section. 

3. Enable the Publish toggle below the CV-Library logo to begin the publishing process of the job. Please note thatMake sure to mark your job opening as Published in Freshteam before clicking on the Publish Toggle in CV-LIbrary. 

4. Once you click on Publish, you will get a pop-screen as shown below.

5. Fill in the Industry and Salary Period for the job and click on Preview to preview your job posting. 

6. Once you are sure your job is good to go, click on Post to CV-Library.  You will get a message saying your job is successfully published, you can then view your job in CV-Library by refreshing the page and clicking on the Arrow Icon in the CV-Library Job Board box. Refer to the screenshot below. You will also get information on the job's published date, expiry date etc., from here. 

7. Here is a sample of how the posted job will look in CV-Library. 

8. Your candidates can click on Apply Now and will be redirected to your career site to fill the application form directly. 

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