Freshteam has a bunch of default roles that you can assign to your employees, manage access permissions and user roles, on a granular level. The roles differ based on the plan you are in Freshteam that is Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. 

Let us now see about each default role

  • Account Admin - Has complete control over the Freshteam including access to the account or billing-related information and receives invoices.

  • Admin - Can Access & Modify all configurations in the Settings and will have complete access to all modules, but are restricted from Viewing Account & Billing settings.

  • HR Partner - Can Access & Modify entire Employee information including Time-off compensation and team workflows of any employee.

  • Recruiter - Can manage all Productivity and Applicant Tracking System features like creating job postings, adding candidates, scheduling interviews, moving candidates, etc., but has restricted access to other settings like account and billing info.

  • Hiring Manager - This is a special role for the recruitment module. Can view candidates, advance stages and view offer details. Has employee level access to other modules.

  • Employee - Can View a limited set of information of other Employees, Request time off, View company job postings and Refer a candidate to an Organisation.

Besides the above six roles, Pro and Enterprise plans have three additional roles, 

  • Limited HR Partner - Has the Same Privileges as HR Partner but only for the Associated Employees or the Employees in the Associated Office Location.

  • Limited Recruiter - Has recruiter level privileges on candidates within the jobs they are assigned to. It does not have access to other candidates outside their assigned jobs.

  • Onboarding specialist - Has privileges to manage all onboarding features and has access to limited employee information. It does not give access to sensitive employee information including time-off, compensation, and team workflows of any employee.


To have a look at these roles and understand their privileges better, you can 

  1. Go to Settings > Roles and Privileges > Manage Roles

  2. Click on the role you want to have a detailed understanding of its privileges.

Can I edit the roles?

You cannot completely edit a role, however, only under the Pro and Enterprise plans you can edit certain privileges of the default roles. 

Can I create a new custom role? 

Yes. You can create a custom role in the enterprise plan. Read to know-how.

Note:  Please note that Interviewers are either Panel Members, Hiring Managers, or Recruiters. The interviewer is not a separate role.

Can I set approval for certain roles? 

Yes, roles that have access to sensitive information can be sent for approval before assigning them to a particular employee in the enterprise plan of Freshteam. To know how it works, click here.