Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner, Recruiter, and Limited HR Partner roles.

Freshteam allows you to add candidates to a job enmasse by importing them using a CSV file. 


Add candidates in bulk

Here are the steps: 

  1. From the left menu in the Dashboard, click on the Recruitment > Recruit option.
  2. Click on the job posting to which you want to import candidates in bulk. 
  3. Go to Add Candidate option on the top right of the screen, and click on the arrow next to it to get more options. Click on the Import candidates from CSV option. 
  4. From the slider window that appears, download the Sample CSV file to get a sample spreadsheet with the right data format. 

Note: You can choose between the Minimalist option vs the Full version option. The Minimalist option allows you to fill only the mandatory fields to create candidate records. You can update the remaining details later. The Full Version option mandates you to add all the candidate fields and hence creates candidates with all the details in one shot. 

5. Fill in the Candidate data in the downloaded CSV, for the candidates that you want to add to the job posting. 


6. After filling in the spreadsheet, upload the same by clicking on the click here to upload .csv option. 

Note: Freshteam currently supports only .csv format files for creating candidates in bulk.  In case you try to upload a file in any other format, you would see an error message highlighting the same.

7. Once the file is uploaded successfully, click on the Continue button on the top right of the window. 

8. You would be taken to a window to map CSV file columns to Freshteam fields. The system reads the first (header) row from the CSV file and extracts the column names list on the left side of the mapping window. Sample data extracted from the second row is also shown to make things more intuitive to the user.


9. You can map the column data to Freshteam fields by selecting the correct fields from the drop-down menus on the right side of the mapping.


Note: You can also select a date format for date-based fields by clicking on the Date Format option.  

10. Once you map the mandatory fields (First Name, Email, Source Name, Source Category Name) you can click on the Import button to start the import process. 

11. The candidates would be added to the job posting and you would be taken to the candidate's list screen. You will receive an email notification with the status of the candidate import. 

Add resume files during the CSV import process

You can also upload resume files of candidates while importing candidates via CSV file. The resume files will be automatically added to the respective candidate profiles. 

Here are the steps:

1. Keep all the resume files in a zip file.

2. Enter the exact resume file names into the field name 'Resume name' in the spreadsheet.

3. Once you upload the CSV file, you would see an additional option to upload the zip file with resumes.

4. Upload the zip file with resumes. The resumes will be added to the candidate profile upon the completion of the candidate import process. 

Note: Adding resumes via the CSV upload process does not parse the resume automatically. They would be added as files to the respective candidate profiles. To parse the same, you would have to go to the specific candidate profile and do this manually for each candidate. 

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