I'm excited to share some updates with you regarding our latest feature release, the Job Fitment Rating [JFR].

Current Design:

The Job Fitment Rating [JFR] currently rates a candidate's job fitment, providing insights into the quality of candidates sourced by your hiring team.

Currently, our JFR operates at a candidate level. For instance, if a candidate applies to multiple jobs, such as "A," "B," and "C," the rating provided by recruiters for one job, say "B," is reflected across all applications for jobs "A" and "C." 

New Features and Changes:

We are enhancing the JFR by transitioning from a candidate level to an applicant level.

This means that recruiters can now provide ratings for each job application separately, allowing each profile to hold a unique rating.

For candidates with only one job application or multiple job applications,  the JFR will be displayed as follows

For new candidate: "Any candidates added after the feature rollout, recruiters can use and add ratings." For candidates who are already present in the system, recruiters can add Rating and existing rating would be converted to tags

Who Will Be Impacted:

With this transition, any candidates who already hold ratings in the system,  their existing ratings converted to tags. Users can filter candidates based on JFR tags or rating given for the candidates ratings

For example, if a candidate applies to multiple jobs, such as "A," "B," and "C," and holds a 4-star rating, we will add a tag "4* | Good."


Here are some of the usecase 

Use Case 1:

If a candidate applies for job "A," gets rejected, and later reapplies for the same job, the system will consider the latest application’s rating.

Use Case 2: Talent Pool

Since the candidates in the Talent Pool are without any job applications, the JFR value will be empty, and recruiters will not be able to provide ratings.Once the candidate is moved to any active job the recruiter can add rating. 

Talent Pool Listing:

In the candidate list page, the current JFR column will be retained. The rating of the latest job will be displayed here which can filtered by tags as shown above 

We believe these changes will streamline the recruitment process and provide better insights into candidate fitment.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to support@freshworks.com .