Accessible to Account Admin, Admin, HR Partner, Limited HR Partner, and Recruiter

As part of the Pro and Enterprise plans, Freshteam allows you to customize your career portal with a lot of options. 

A good career page, which is often the landing page for many candidates is at its basics not just about the delivery of consistent brand message or making it look & feel like one but is more about avoiding the unnecessary signups, the whole process of viewing opportunities, finding out about the company, and applying for a job that’s most relevant to the candidate, all of this to be made simple and efficient. 


Learn more about how our customers have customized their career sites to attract candidates using Freshteam. 

What’s new? 

With the updated careers page your organisation will make delight easy for your candidate. We have included more relevant and robust filters to make it easy for candidates to find the perfect & relevant job for themselves. 

When a candidate lands on any career site, they would want to quickly look at the available jobs that are more suited for them. The two most important aspects of how candidates browse jobs would be by location and department. 

  • Department because most candidates (other than freshers) do have a competency in certain area and would explore jobs under that.  
  • Location because the candidate would have thought of locations, they are open to work keeping in mind all their personal constraints. 


Customizing Career Site


With the updated filters page, you allow your candidates to look out for job that are most relevant to them on the top of the page. Filters include


  1. Search 
  2. Department 
  3. Location 
  4. Work type 


Below GIF demonstrates the filters in use on the careers site:

Careers page configuration update

For Account admins setting up the career site, we want to make sure they too experience the best, making it easy for them to set up the careers page, nothing too out of the world, but a simple site to set up which matches the look and feel of their company website. 


With our new modular design approach, admins can now set-up careers page Layout, Stylesheet, colours & pages with ease. 

Setting up the careers page

Career site configuration is divided into six parts, as detailed below:

To do this, go to Settings > Job Publishing > Career Site.

1. Basic Career: Comprise of “Primary Language” & “Career site URL”. Select the preferred language in which you want you career site to be in. 


Note: You can create a vanity URL for your careers page. You will have to create a CNAME DNS record in your DNS Zone file to point to Your Webmaster or Server administrator should be able to help you set this up correctly - (Please note - you will need to purchase custom SSL from Freshteam ($60/year) to CNAME the career site)

2. Favicon & Logo: Here, upload the organisation logo and favicon icon (icon that appears on the browser tab)

3. Title & Description: Comprise of “Career site name” & “Career site description”. These details will appear on the careers page of the organisation

4. Banner Image: Wall image on the career site

5. Social Sharing Image: Image that goes with every job shared on social media platform

6. Edit Appearance: These are more advanced settings with respect to look and feel of the career site.

Edit Appearances 

You can also personalize the career site in detail by customizing the below sections and their respective fields by clicking on Edit appearances.

Colors and fonts:

In this section, we can change

  • The Background colors of Header, footer, Body and specify Brand colour
  • Change font and colour of default text and Headings Text
  • Change the colour of input fields focus, Application form button background colour, and “Apply now” and search buttons background colour.


In this section, the users can add or overwrite the default theme with their own custom stylesheet. This may require if the users wanted to change the colors or spacing that comes with the default styles to suit their Own Website theme. To overwrite any of the default styles

  1. The users can get the proper selectors by inspecting the element they wanted to change
  2. Add the required styles for the selector in this section.



  • Head: Here the users can change the Career site Title (that gets displayed on the Browser Tab) and add other meta tags.
  • Header: Hereby default the Career site Logo and Career Site Name are shown. If the users wanted to add any other data or wanted to remove the Career site Name or Career site Logo, they can do it from here.
  • Footer: The footer that gets displayed at the end of the Career site page by default can be customized in this section. The users can add things like Terms of Service or Privacy Policy or any other data here.
  • Page Layout: Here the users can change the layout of the page, remove any of the not required sections or add any extra information that should be displayed other than Header, Footer and Layout content.


Here the users can customize:  

  1. Career Home (Jobs Listing Page)
  2. Job Description Details (Job Description and Apply Job Page)

We use Liquid Template Language( in these two pages and the users can use features in the Liquid Template Language and can customize both these pages with what they wanted with the available data in those pages.

You can "Preview the page", "Save", or "Save and Publish" If at any time, you wish to reset to the default or last saved site, you can do so by clicking "Reset" to and choose your option from the drop-down box as shown in the image below


Career site update release notes (For existing customers):

For customers who have customised their careers page through advanced setting options, careers site update (new filters, career site description, banner image changes) will not be reflected with the new release. To view the updated version of the career site, following are the instructions. 

To change banner image, insert the following code:

<div class=“index-banner” {{portal |banner}}></div> needs to be replaced with

{% if {{portal.banner_removed}} != true %}

  <div class=“index-banner” {{portal |banner}}></div>

{% endif %}

For inserting description add this into the right area (recommended between banner image and job listings):

{% if portal.description != “” && portal.description != null %}

  <div class=“content portal-description”>{{portal.description}}</div>

{% endif %}

For customers who have customised their careers page through advanced setting options, to add new filters into their careers site (Department, Work type), the following steps should be followed: 

  1. Go to Settings à Job Publishing à Career Site à Edit appearance 
  2. Copy and save in note your career site settings from all the four sections, i.e., “Colors & fonts”, “Stylesheet”, “Layout” & “Pages” 
  3. Now click on the “Reset to” dropdown between the “preview” and the “save” button and then select “default” 
  4. After selecting “default”, paste the content that was saved back to their respective section and then press “Save and Publish” 
  5. New filters (Department & Work type) will now be reflected in your career site.

What's Next?