1. I don't see a hiring panel member in job posting? who are they referred to?

  • Hiring manager and panel members are collectively called as hiring panel members. They are the ones who will be involved in interviewing and shortlisting the candidates for a specific job posting.

2. Who can add a panel member to a job posting?

  • Account administrator, administrator, recruiters and hiring manager can add panel members to a job posting.

3. Who can be a panel member?

  • Any employee who is a part of your Freshteam account can be added as a panel member.
4. When can I add a panel member?
  • A panel member can be added at any point to a job posting.

5. Where can I add the panel members?

  • You can add a list of panel members from the 'Hiring Workflow' section in the Job Details view. or
  • A panel member can be added to the hiring panel section by clicking on the "+ button" on the top right of the screen of Job Details view.

6. What happens when you add a new panel member to a job posting?

  • All the existing panel members will be notified about the newly added member.
  • The newly added member will have access to the list of candidates who are associated with the respective job posting.
  • They can mark a candidate favourite
  • Participate in interviewing the candidates and sharing the feedback as an interviewer.
  • Panel member can post a public/ private comment to other hiring panel members.
  • Panel member can only see the list of tasks assigned to them under the Tasks tab under candidates 360 page.
  • The panel member cannot 
    • Update the candidate stage 
    • Start an email conversation with the candidate.
    • See offer information