MeVitae is a tool that helps global recruiters to eliminate any unconscious bias while candidate sourcing. Blind recruitment helps organizations widen their talent pool and to hire diverse employees. MeVitae masks candidate details that might result in bias, for instance, it hides candidate details such as gender, ethnicity, university name, age, etc before uploading a redacted version of the candidate’s documents to Freshteam. 

How Freshteam + MeVitae Integration Works

1. When candidates apply to a particular job, an anonymized clone version of this candidate is created with their details within Freshteam. For instance, instead of the candidate’s name, the clone version will have an anonymized ID. 

2. MeVitae runs on a 24-hour cycle. This means, all candidate profiles are collected once every day, redacted and delivered back within Freshteam. MeVitae can redact 20+ protected characteristics (e.g., gender, age, ethnicity) directly from any resume and cover letter.

3. The level of redaction is customizable and can be turned off and on at the individual job-level using a MeVitae Prefix custom field.

4. The Hiring Manager can then review these anonymized clone candidates to push forward the selected candidates.

5. After the candidates are shortlisted and moved to the next stage, the original version of the candidate will become available to all hiring panel members. This will include their original details and documents for the interview stages. From this point onward your hiring will continue as normal.

To activate your MeVitae integration, please reach out to