Dr.Job is a leading job board and recruitment solution. Dr.Job supports free job posting, CV access, and several job marketing campaigns through social media. The latest Freshteam - Dr.Job integration enables recruiters to post their jobs on Dr.Job for free and amplify candidate sourcing. With a company name and official email ID, any open jobs on Freshteam will directly be posted to the Dr.Job portal. Additionally, whenever a candidate applies for a job on Dr.Job, those candidate profiles will be automatically created on Freshteam. 

How to Install Dr.Job within Freshteam

Watch this short video to get started with Dr.Job and Freshteam integration

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with Other Apps > Apps. Browse for Dr.Job and click on Install

2. Now you will land on the Configuration page. Add the company name and official email address and click on Install.

3. Fill in the job title you're hiring for.

4. Access ready-made templates for job descriptions that match your job posting. Fill in the rest of the job requirements. Now your job posting will go live on Dr.Job. 

5. Once the candidates start applying for your job, you can access their CVs on Freshteam. 

For any queries, please contact us at support@freshteam.com.