Jooble is a free job board that allows recruiters to post jobs in 71 countries, and your job posts will be viewed by 70 million candidates worldwide - leading to a massive scaling up of your candidate sourcing process. 

The latest Freshteam + Jooble integration makes life easier for recruiters and HR professionals by allowing them to:

  • Post jobs for free directly to Jooble from Freshteam
  • Automatically update job details in Jooble by updating them in Freshteam
  • Receive candidate CVs from Jooble directly into Freshteam
  • Delete or close or mark any action on a job on Jooble from Freshteam
  • Measure and analyze your Job Board's performance from Freshteam


New jobs will be posted automatically directly on Jooble within 12 hours.

Steps to Integrate with Jooble

Recruiters can integrate with Jooble thoroughly 2 simple steps:

1. Install the Jooble app from the Marketplace.

2. Fill in the necessary fields such as company name and email address. After executing these two steps, you can start using the integration and accelerate your hiring.

Additionally, if you come across any challenges while using Jooble, you can write to us at and we’ll look into the matter.