iMocha integration with Freshteam allows recruiters/ recruitment coordinators to carry out assessment part of the pipeline smoothly. Through this integration actions like, sending assessment to candidate, recording assessment score, view status of the tests and other activities of the assessment loop, all being done right from Freshteam.

As part of the hiring process, assessments are a key part of recruiting which enables filtering the right candidate or ensure only the best fit proceeds to the next phase of recruitment interviews. Assessments in various shapes and forms, be it Psychometric, Behavioural, Technical or aptitude helps evaluate those organizational requirement of a candidate. With iMocha Integration, we bring the best, all in one online assessment portal right into your Freshteam platform. With this integration make delight easy for your recruiters by enabling them to unleash their powers by effectively managing the assessment process and at the same time bringing in more visibility to organisations hiring pipeline. 

With this Integration users of Freshteam will be able to do the following: 

1. Select the assessment type to be sent to candidate 

2. Send test/assessment to candidate directly from Freshteam 

3. Customise the email sent to candidate while sending test link

4. View the status of the assessment (Completed/ Not taken) 

5. View assessment report directly from Freshteam 

6. Get notified on test status changes

7. Track test status at bulk on Freshteam using candidate tags.


Installation Instructions for iMocha Integration with Freshteam

1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps 

2. You can search for "iMocha" from the search bar on the page or you can find it under "All" in the Browse by Category Section. 

3. Here, you will find "iMocha", click on the Install button next to it, to initiate the integration. 

4. It will take you to the Configuration page. The Configuration page is divided into 3 parts: Connect Freshteam, Connect iMocha, Configurations. 

5. On the Connect Freshteam tab, enter your Domain Name and API Key. You can find the API Key by clicking on your profile icon on top right corner of your screen. 

6. On the Connect iMocha tab, enter the iMocha API key. You can get the API Key by going to iMocha > Settings > Integrations > API Key Below image shows configuring iMocha with its API key.

7. On the Configurations tab, provide the list of roles that will send test and view test results. Also, selection of preferred way of sending test links to candidates (via Freshteam email / iMocha email)  is to be done here. Now click on Install to successfully install iMocha. 

How to Send Assessments Manually with Freshteam-iMocha

1. Click on Recruitment tab Select a job Select candidate > Click on iMocha icon on the right 

2. iMocha tab will slide out, then select assessment type, test link and the email account via which you want to send the assessment to the candidate and click on Send 

3. Assessment status bar will appear on the same tab which will get updated based on the assessment status 

4. Review the assessment email that will appear along with tab and click on send email 

5. Assessment email will be sent to candidate on their respective email.

Below GIF demonstrates the same

6. Once the assessment is taken by the candidate & submitted the status bar on the iMocha tab will change to (Test Complete)

7. Recruiters can view the candidate assessment report directly from Freshteam 

How to Automatically Send Assessment Tests with Freshteam-iMocha

In case of bulk-hiring candidates for a position, be it campus recruitment, Job drive or lateral recruitment one can automate the process of sending iMocha assessment to candidates whenever there is a change in application status from one stage to another as detailed below:

1. Click on Recruitment > Select a job > View job details, scroll down and click on "Manage Hiring Process" 

2. Hiring process tab will slide out showing all the stages of hiring that have been created for a particular job


3. Now click on the iMocha configuration that will show under Marketplace apps integrations

4. Now "Select Assessment" & "Select test link" along with the round for which you want to automate the process 

Below GIF demonstrates the above points 

5. Now click on save button post which once the candidate is moved into a particular stage the assessment will be sent automatically as shown in the GIF below. 

How to View iMocha Assessment Reports within Freshteam

Once the candidate takes the assessment, the iMocha assessment status in Freshteam changes to "Test taken" highlighted in green. One can view the assessment report/ score from the Freshteam platform itself for a particular candidate. The below steps details the same: 

1. Click on recruitment tab --> Select a job --> Select candidate --> Click on iMocha icon on the right 

2. iMocha tab will slide out with the test status as "Test Complete" and the test score summary or 

3. One can also view the same under the comments section along with other assessment detail  

4. In order to view a detailed report, one can click on the "View test report" button & candidate report will get downloaded

5. Recruiters can also view the candidates status of the assessment right from the comments section

Below GIF demonstrates the above 

Below image highlights the assessment status on the comments section of the candidate profile

Using Tags for Candidate Filter View 

With iMocha integration, tags in your candidates profile get automatically added/ updated with each phase of assessment phase. With various auto-populated tags one can simply custom view/ filter candidates in their view dashboard based on assessment status. 

Below are the tags that are added at various stages of assessment: 

Assessment Status: On Test Sent 

Tags: iMocha-test-sent

Assessment Status: On Test Completion 

Tags: iMocha-test-complete 

Image below shows auto populated tags for the assessment that is complete 

The above tags can be used to bulk filter candidate based on assessment status & the performance of the candidate in the assessment. Below GIF demonstrates the same

Get Notified on Test Status Change 

Recruiters can also use the assessment status change to notify their hiring team & then proceed with action based on that. The following can be done to notify your team about the same

1. For every test status one can notify the hiring team about the same by going to comments section 

2. Tag the respective person you want to notify about the status through a mention @abc_hiringmanager 

3. Press the comment button and the respective person will be notified both in app and through email communication 

This ensures that your team does not miss out on any candidate in the pipeline, thereby making recruitment assessment & evaluation easy for the entire hiring staff. 

Below GIF demonstrates the above points: 

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