Accessible to Admins and Account Admins

Codility is an online coding assessment tool that you can easily use to test your candidates and improve your hiring process. With a Freshteam account, you can integrate with Codility, and send tests to your candidate directly from Freshteam, making the whole process a lot simpler. Let us understand how to integrate your Freshteam account with Codility:

How to Integrate with Codility

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Settings > Integrate with Other Apps > Integrations > Codility. 

2. Click on the toggle against Codility to enable the integration.  

3. Once the integration is enabled, Freshteam will ask you for the Access token from Codility. 

4. Go to your Codility account, here select My account > Integrations. 

5. In the right side of the page, you will find a box which says Custom Integration. 

6. Type Freshteam in the field under Create an Integration. 

7. You will get an auto-generated code which you should copy, this is your access token. 

8. Paste it in the box in Freshteam, click Done. You have now successfully enabled the Codility integration. Go ahead and start sending your tests. 

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