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Listener "listens" to your whitelisted email channels for candidate applications. If it finds an application, it parses the resume and adds it to your candidate pipeline. These email channels can be job boards, vendors or employees.

How does the Listener work?

When Freshteam receives an email, Listener checks to see if it's from a whitelisted channel or an employee. If it is from a valid source, it parses the attachment and creates a new candidate profile. If it's a whitelisted channel, it'll tag the candidate with the right source and source category. If it's an employee, it'll add the employee as a referrer. 

If it's not either of those sources (whitelisted channel or employee) and the email has an attachment, Listener will parse the attachment and add a candidate, using the parsed email address. If there is no attachment or it can't parse the attachment, it'll use the "from" email address to create a candidate. 

If it can't parse the attachment (even if it's from a whitelisted channel or an employee), Listener will add these emails to a tab ("From Email Channels") in your Conversations tab. 

If Listener has incorrectly added a candidate to this section, you can manually add the candidate to your candidate pipeline by hovering over the attachment and clicking the "+" icon.

How do I add an email channel?

You can add an email channel by navigating to Settings > Job Publishing> Listener and clicking on "Add Email Channel". Listener will automatically include any vendor ( or whitelisted channel ) that you would like too add.

Example email channel formats,

  • Email Pattern - " "  , ""
  • Entire Email - ""

You can also alternatively add email channels, from the job-specific email address option in the "Add and attract" section in the job details page of a job posting. 

What if I don't want Listener to use parsing credits? ( What if I don't have any parsing credits? )

You can turn off a Listener's parsing capability, in System Preferences. If you do, Listener will use the "from" address of the email to determine if it's a new candidate. If it's from a whitelisted channel or an employee, the email will be added it to the "From Email Channels" section of your Conversations tab. 

Here is a Video explaining Listener Email Channels in Freshteam : 

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