Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

When you create a Freshteam account like, you get a career email that looks like If an email is sent directly to this email address for the first time by a candidate without applying through Career site or Job Embed widget, we will consider it as an email applicant. And you can find these conversations under Recruits > Candidate > Email Applicants section. The person who sent you the email becomes the candidate requester.

You would want your candidates to send their careers emails to your own email address like Converting these emails from vanity email addresses on your own domain into Freshteam tickets should take you just a few minutes. 

Setting up your career email

  • Go to Settings > Recruitment and Talent Management> Job Setup > Email.
  • The default career email, "Careers email" is listed under the Email section. 
  • Click on the Add New button present in the top-right corner.
  • This will take you to the Email settings page.
  • Under Email Settings, give a Name to your email address (like Mycompany Careers). This will be the "From" name that your candidates see in your reply emails.
  • Enter Your Career/ Jobs Email address. This is your candidates conversation email address.
  • Your career email address will also be the "Reply-to" address for all the emails you send to the candidates.
  • As you enter the career email, the Forward your emails to text box is modified. It will append the crux of your email address to your Freshteam account name. Do not worry if it gets lengthy as it will be invisible to your users.
  • Hit Save.

Verify your email and set up forwarding rules

  • You would have received an email from your Freshteam to the career email address you entered.
  • Click on the verification link in the email to confirm your email address. You can also copy-paste the link into your browser.
  • Create a rule in your mailbox to forward emails coming to your career email address to the forwarding email address Freshteam created for you while setting up. Here is how you can set up a forwarding rule in a Gmail account.
  • Once you save your forwarding settings, Gmail sends a confirmation code to the new address. You can view this confirmation email in Conversations > Team Inbox > {{}} or directly view it in 'My Inbox'. 

Create an SPF record to improve deliverability

  • Sometimes your receiver's mail servers might mark the emails you send through Freshteam as spam. This happens because you have not yet "authorized" to send emails on your behalf. To ensure that your emails get delivered right, you should create an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record in your DNS servers.
  • Create an SPF record in your DNS Zone file to include 

For Exchange/Office 365 Customers

  • Microsoft rules state that the emails will be ‘redirected’ to the other contact.
  • Check the properties of the shared mailbox. 
  • Under Mailbox Features click on Mail Flow settings. This has an option to enable forwarding. 
  • You can enable this and select the internal mailbox/contact to forward to.

Managing multiple mailboxes

If your business has multiple email addresses to manage applicant resumes, it can get really difficult to keep track of everything. In Freshteam, you can create multiple incoming and outgoing mailboxes to handle all of your candidate communication. 

Just like with your primary inbox, Freshteam automatically adds all of the people who email these IDs as email applicants. Once you are done adding your email, make sure you setup a forwarding rule from your mailbox to Freshteam. For every new email you add, Freshteam gives you a different forwarding address, and you don't have to worry about your emails getting mixed up. Going forward, you can use this email when you interact with your candidates.