Note: Freshteam-Slack integration is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans. Upgrade your Freshteam plan today to experience this integration.

Freshteam’s latest integration with Slack simplifies your life as a recruiter or hiring manager. Instead of moving back and forth between email inbox, google calendar and other tools, you can easily track all your upcoming interviews on the Slack channel. Additionally, you can submit interview feedback on-time with Slack reminders. 


Track Your Upcoming Interviews Within Slack

For a recruiter or a hiring manager

  • You will be able to view all your upcoming interviews on the home screen of Freshteam channel. 
  • Against each interview, you can view additional details such as candidate's name, time and duration of the interview, etc.

  • You can also filter by a date range to track the upcoming interviews for a certain timeline. 

For employees acting as interviewers

  • Your employees will also be able to see the upcoming interviews on their home screen

Get Notified Whenever an Interview is Scheduled

For a recruiter

  • You will receive a notification immediately after you have scheduled an interview on Freshteam web platform.  

For a hiring panel member

  • You will be instantly notified whenever an interview is scheduled and you are being invited as an interviewer.

  • You can respond to an interview invitation from Slack itself. 

  • To learn more about the candidate’s profile and skills, click on ‘More Details’ button and visit the candidate’s profile on Freshteam web platform. 

  • If an interview is rescheduled, you will receive a notification immediately. This will help you sort your priority tasks for the day. 

  • You will also be notified if an interview is canceled. 

Submit Interview Feedback with Slack-Based Reminders

  • After you have taken an interview, Slack reminds you to submit interview feedback and close the loop. 

  • Click on the ‘Submit Feedback’ button to submit interview feedback on Freshteam web platform. Once you have submitted feedback, you will receive a notification on Slack stating the same. 


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