Congratulations on hiring the next right fit for your organisation. Your company did a great job through the interview process and now is the time to focus on the most important aspect of employee delight - Ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for your new hire!

However, It isn’t over with all the interviews done and extending that offer letter. Now is the time to create that perfect first impression. Smooth onboarding of new employees does go a long way in that case. A glassdoor study shows that a great onboarding experience can increase new hire retention by 82%, Further 88% of employees don’t believe their organizations onboard them well. 

Onboarding new employees is not a one team job, it brings together teams, departments and functions, be it IT to provision hardware, Facilities to create ID cards or the Reporting Manager, everyone has to play a pivotal role to create a good onboarding experience. It can be overwhelming on the amount of tasks that are to be carried out to onboard new employees. 

We make completing onboarding tasks easy and delightful. With our new Checklist module we bring together, TeamsDepartments & Employees, to help onboard new hires, so that you create the perfect first impression, so that your new hires are ready to contribute from day 1. 


Create an onboarding checklist in Freshteam, Setting up sub sections for tasks, assigning the onboarding task owners, setting up task completion timelines, Reminders/ Automated emails on tasks due, Task Collaboration through comments and mentions, Ad-hoc addition of tasks. 

Note: All module capabilities are valid for employee off-boarding checklist as well


To create an Onboarding Checklist:

1. Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Onboarding > Checklists

2. Here, click Add New to create a new checklist. 

3. Give your Checklist a title, description and add sections under which you can assign tasks to stakeholders. 

4. Once the checklist is created with tasks click Save


Below GIF demonstrates the same

Creating sections & Assigning tasks owners while creating checklist:

Your onboarding checklist module also allows you to create subtasks and assign them owners. Assigning ownership comes with assigning a due date for each task created. The task in each checklist can be divided into two parts, one is the section owner and the others are task owners. 


1. Here is how you can add a section, assign it to stakeholders as shown in the image below

2. You can also assign owners along with task due dates for the tasks created under each section. Below image shows the same

Note: You can create tasks and set the action as anything from Checkbox to attaching Documents using Freshteam, we have options for it all. 


Below GIF demonstrates the task created and owners assigned to onboard employee

Adding Tasks/ Subtasks ad hoc while initiating the onboarding process

Once the tasks list is created and owners are assigned, simply click the save button to enable the checklist. one can activate the same by selecting the checklist the company wants to onboard the new employee with. To initiate the onboarding and understand how it’s done, click here

While initiating new employee onboarding, it can often be the case, where action items are to be fulfilled that are team specific or department specific, this calls for customizing the onboarding checklist as per the requirement. Whether it's about provisioning access to Tableau for a new employee joining a business analytics team or granting work passes for a specific geographic location, one can simply add them while initiating the onboarding process or even customize them once the onboarding process gets initiated. 

Below GIF shows how one can add new action items while initiating the onboarding checklist for the new employee. 

Option to add comment in a task & notifying task assignees 

Communicating process nitty gritty, bottlenecks faced & other operational constraints that one faces while executing the checklist must be communicated & addressed, also, task completion and its status must be informed, so that different teams enabling onboarding are kept up to date. 

With the new checklist module, assignees can add and communicate roadblocks, ownership change and other updates corresponding to every task created. This further calls for collaboration with other members of the onboarding team. With the very intuitive chat box, one can simply provide the comments and hit send. 

Also, communication/ comment can be directed to specific members of the onboarding team by simply tagging the person in the comment section. Only the HR Partners or people who were tagged in the comment can view the comment. Besides this for every tagging done an email notification will be sent to the respective person in the email ID. 

Below GIF demonstrates the above

Send automated email reminders for task owners on pending tasks

Fostering collaboration throughout the onboarding becomes effective when communication is made easy. However, with so much happening while onboarding, with multiple tasks to be taken care of, teams become error prone to miss out on task activities, which ultimately lead to ineffective onboarding & thus a poor onboarding experience. 

With the Checklist module, automatic reminders with a comprehensive list of tasks and their due date are sent to respective task owners before the tasks due date. This ensure that task owners are always on track when it comes to onboarding employees 

Below Image shows task reminders to an assignee sent on their email ID 

Onboarding new employees can be a game changer and ensuring a smooth experience can definitely create a good first impression. A project of its kind, onboarding checklist ensures that nitty gritty aren't missed so that your new hire is ready from day 1. 


Q. What has changed from the exiting version of the Onboarding/Offboarding checklist module?
A. To give more flexibility and granularity in task management, assign date at section level has been removed and due dates at task level have been added. Effective from Dec 31, 2022

Q. What happens to the already configured checklists with assign dates?
ATo avoid any impact in your workflows, section assign dates are migrated as due dates to the existing tasks. While all new sections created won't have the option to add assign dates and due dates have to be defined at the task level.

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