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Offboarding is part of an Employee's life cycle. Companies give due importance to make the experience of an employee's onboarding better, but sometimes or most, it's not the same when the employee leaves. Be it for reason, creating a friendly offboarding experience will also help you as an employer. And how do you do this? This is where Freshteam comes in, with our Offboarding features you can easily take your employee through the whole process without making the exit delayed for any reason at all. 

With Freshteam's Offboarding you can, 

- Send Documents to sign and complete 

- Assign tasks and checklists to different people and teams to facilitate the exit of the employee

- Send Reminders and more. 

Before we see how to use the offboarding feature to its best, let's first see how to set the preferences within your Offboarding section based on your usage and requirements. 

To do this, 

- Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Offboarding > Preferences. 

- Here, you will see the options as shown in the image below. 

- Send Automatic Reminders -    Enable this if you would like to send automatic reminders to different people assigned to an offboarding task or section when they have not completed it. 

- Mark Employees as 'Offboarding Completed'   - If you are someone who likes things done fast and smart, enable this option where Freshteam automatically checks if an employee is done with all procedures and tasks and marks them as Offboarding Completed. 

- Notice Period  - If your company follows a standard period of time as Notice Period which your employees have to serve, you can set it here. 

- Automatic Termination  - Automatically terminate employees whose exit date has been passed. 

- Resignation Approval Sequence - You can choose the Approvers in Resignation workflow here. In any case, Resignation requests raised by HR Partners are auto-approved while the ones raised by the Manager will go for approval to the HR Partner.

Set the preferences as per your requirements and get started.