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Note: Freshteam Reports revamped to Advanced Analytics recently. All our existing customers can find their old reports as Curated Reports inside the Analytics home now, no worries. All your information is safe. New customers, dive in right now :)

ATS Reports give you information on the different actions performed in the recruitment section of your Freshteam Account. This includes everything from candidate pipeline to offers. We give 8 curated out-of-the-box reports that come pre-populated with information, analytics, and widgets that help you get a first seat view of your company's recruitment position.  

Let's break down the 8 curated reports for you, know how much you can do with them below: 

Note: If you are looking for curated reports for your Timeoff, Onboarding, Offboarding, and Employee Information modules in Freshteam, kindly click here. 

1. Offers and Hires- This gives you a complete context on the offers made and the number of hires conversion. There are six more divisions (Called Widgets in Freshteam) inside Offers and Hires giving in-depth analysis. You can configure, add groups or filters under each division to obtain results of your choice. More on how to do it here. 

2. Interviews - Interviews give you a complete and in-depth view of everything Interviews inside your Freshteam account. It again has 6 widgets which breaks it down for you for better analysis. 

3. Candidate Sourcing - Hiring through Multiple sources? Figure out which source is working the best and worst, where you can improve, where candidates are coming in from, and more using this curated report that comes with 8 widgets to give the best analytics. 

4. Job Postings - A quick understanding of all the job postings made by your Recruitment team to understand the openings and the requirements better. Comes with 4 widgets. 

5. Talent Pool - Find out where all your precious talents are waiting in, get a quick check on their statutes and potential roles with 5 inbuilt widgets. 

6. Rejected Candidates - Losing a candidate must happen with reason, find out what the reason is, in which stage they are rejected, the common source through which most rejected candidates come in, etc to better the candidates brought in and to save the time of your recruiters. 

7. Candidate Pipeline

Candidate Pipeline Reports give you a deep analysis of the different parameters involved while candidates are in the different stages of your hiring process. How much time they spend in each round, which round are most candidates finding difficult, how many candidates were processed in the last months etc are some of the items you get answers for from this report. 

Note:  For accurate results on Time spent by candidates, use the Average time spent metric only.


8. Candidate Profile 

Candidate profile reports give you a quick shot glance at the profile analysis of all your candidates. Which city are most of your candidates coming from? From which company are most candidates joining you? Gender, ethnicity, and qualification are also some of the parameters you can check out from this out-of-the-box report. 

Note: If you wish to add more divisions/widgets under a curated report, you can clone the report and then add new widgets. Know how to go about it from this article.