Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Freshteam Reports helps you get a quick bird's-eye and an in-depth worm's eye view at the same time. With 13 curated reports (all information pre-loaded and analyzed for you by Freshteam) and endless opportunities to customize reports however you want to measure, it is the best place to find all the answers. 

In this article, we will walk through a quick glance at Reports in Freshteam. An in-depth dissection in reports. 

Note: Freshteam Reports revamped to Advanced Analytics recently. All our existing customers can find their old reports as Curated Reports inside the Analytics home now, no worries. All your information is safe. New customers, dive in right now :)

- To go to Reports, click on the Reports icon in the left side on the bar. 

- Once inside, it will look like the below screen. 

Here, you will find three important things. 

1. All Reports - All reports give you the list of all the curated and created reports for quick access. 

Note: Curated Reports are reports generated automatically by Freshteam, while Created is the ones you create on your own. 

- You can get a more specific list by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to All Reports. 

- You can have a list or grid view by selecting the arrow highlighted. 

2. Recently Viewed - Here, you will find the reports that you recently viewed to help you give more context and easy access. 

3. New Report and Search - New report lets you create a custom report where you can create a report from scratch on your own preferences. Search helps you search and find a report.