The Freshteam-Certn integration enables you to conduct background checks, track the status of ongoing background checks and you can also review the completion reports within Freshteam itself. Let us understand how this works:

How to Order Background Checks within Freshteam

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Recruit and a new page will appear on your screen. 

2. Search for the candidate whose background you would like to verify. 

3. As a next step, the candidate's profile will open up. On the sidebar, you can spot Certn. Click on the Certn logo. 

4. Now you will be able to order background checks for this particular employee. Click on Initiate BG Check and click on Package. Choose from various background verification packages offered by Certn. As a next step, click on Initiate BG Check to order a background check.

How to View Background Check Reports within Freshteam

1. To view a background check report, click on View Report. A new screen will open up and you will need to log into Certn.  

2. After logging in, you will be able to review the background check report. 

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