With Freshteam + Verified First integration, your hiring teams can instantly order background checks and drug screens for multiple candidates and existing employees. They can choose from a variety of available background screening packages and with a few simple clicks, a background check can be ordered — all without leaving the Freshteam platform. Let’s understand how to install Verified First:


How to Install Verified First

1. Download the VF Connector in your preferred web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

2. Visit the Freshteam + Verified First page and complete the form on the right

3. A You will be contacted by one of Verified First’s screening representative will contact you to set up your accounts to help you out. 

How to Order a Background Check with Freshteam + Verified First

                                    Watch this short video to learn how to order a background check.

1. Log into your Freshteam account. Go to Recruitment > Recruit

2. A new page will open up. Click on Candidates and click on the candidate whose background screening is due.

3. A sidebar will appear and you will be able to see Verified First on top. Click on the dropdown to Place a new order.

4. Select your preferred background screening package and click on Next to order a background check. 

For any further questions, please feel free to contact support@freshteam.com.