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Freshteam Reports is split as HRIS and ATS reports to make sure our customers get all the information they need to analyze, measure, and give you information on the different actions performed in the recruitment, time off, onboarding, offboarding, and Employee Information sections of your Freshteam Account. 

Note: To know more about the ATS/ Recruitment Reports, you can read the article here. 

In this article, we will see about the curated out-of-the-box HRIS reports which include the Onboarding, Timeoff, Offboarding, and Employee Information modules of Freshteam.  

Let's break down the 5 curated reports for you, know how much you can do with them below: 

These are the 5 curated reports - Employee Profile, Employee - Organization Details, Additions and Terminations, Employee Turnover and Retention, and Employee Absence.

A look at the reports inside the product. 

To access the reports, click on the Reports icon from the panel on the left, and you will find them. 

1. Employee Profile

The Employee Profile Curated Report comes with 6 in-built widgets that give information on total employees, employees by gender, by age, by ethnicity, by the status of employment, and by employee type. You can use these to get a detailed view of the organization's employee information and breakup, you can know how diverse and inclusive your company is at one glance. To edit the report, you have to clone it and add more widgets, you can read from this article on how to go about it.

2. Employee - Organization Details 

Employee Organization Details Curated report is to know more information about the organizational breakup of your employees. With widgets that give you information on employees by location, business unit, department, teams, cost center, and level, you can identify where there is a deficit or too many employees to work on your recruitment pipeline and be proactive about your requisitions, etc., 

3. Additions and Terminations

Additions and Termination reports are your clear picture report to know about the onboarding and offboarding trends of your company. How many employees were added to your company, how many left, how many are serving notice period etc. are some of the useful information you get from this report. You can also know the additions and terminations in your office by location, department, etc., 

4. Employee Turnover and Retention

This report is going to show you the retention rates in your organization based on a number of years, based on location, department and also the reason for all your terminations in the past helping you know where your maximum turnover rate is coming from, it also helps you know which location or department has the earliest quitters helping you take proactive action to reduce turnover rates and increase employee retention.  

5. Employee Absence 

This report will help you break down the timeoff trends of your organization and also control absences. The best absence management software comes with widgets like what you see in the above picture. It gives you the most common reason your employees are taking absences, who is unavailable on a given day, the number of timeoff approvals pending, and also average absences based on location to understand your timeoff pattern better. 

Note: If you wish to edit these curated reports, you cannot, however, you can easily clone them and add or configure the widgets any way you want in quick ways. To know how to go about this, check out the article on cloning reports and widgets. To know more about reports in general, check out this link.