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Letting go of an employee? I am sure there are many procedures. A lot of documents to go through, share and tasks to finish. All of it can be done easily with Freshteam from the moment you terminate an employee. Let us see how, 

1. Go to your Employee Directory, choose the employee who you are going to terminate. 

2. Select Quick Actions in the top-right corner, select Terminate Employee from the drop-down list. 

3. Provide a reason, termination date, and add comments.  Select Terminate to initiate the exit. 

4. Go to Employees > Offboarding to see the employee whose termination you have initiated. Click on Send Checklist to send them the list of things they have to complete to complete the offboarding.

5. Choose the checklist you want from the drop-down and click Confirm. 

6. It will take you to the screen which shows what are the different tasks under the checklist, edit, add sections, and then click Re-initiate to add the checklist to the offboarding process. 

7. Once this is done, the employee moves to the Offboarding Initiated phase, once they have completed the process, they would automatically move to the Offboarding Completed phase and will be terminated for good, you can also manually update the stage by selecting the Complete Offboarding button and finish the offboarding.