Role Availability: All Plans

The basic and default role assigned to anyone joining/added in Freshteam is the Employee Role. However, that does not mean they do not have anything they cannot do in Freshteam. Employee Role comes with a certain set of privileges and functions that help your company work easier and smarter. 

Users with this role will be able to view their own details and other employee’s public fields, refer candidates, and apply for time off. Any Employee user can be a panel member of a job in Freshteam. Panel members can be set by the Recruiter/HR partner/Admin of the account.

Note - If an ‘Employee’ role user has been assigned as a reporting manager of another employee - the user will have access to the public and private fields of these subordinates. HR partner/Admin can control what employee fields are visible to the reporting manager. Click here to know more.

So, what can an Employee do in Freshteam? 

List of pages that the ‘Employee’ user can access

  1. My dashboard

  2. Recruit section

    1. Only jobs that have the user marked as “hiring team member” will be visible.

    2. All published jobs will be visible for employees to refer candidates

  3. Employee directory

    1. All active employees and their public fields will be visible

  4. Org chart

  5. Time off

    1. My time off - to apply for leave

    2. My team time off - to view teammate’s availability

Benefits and limitations

Employee user can do the following:

  1. Can view new joinees, employees celebrating work anniversary and birthday in my dashboard

  2. Can view the interviews scheduled in the dashboard

  3. Can view the referred candidate status and refer new candidates for all published jobs

  4. Can view other employee’s public fields in the employee directory

  5. Request for a leave, track the approval process and status of the request

  6. Can view teammates availability for the month

  7. Ability to edit their own profile values - submit to settings in Employee record by HR partner

An employee cannot do the following:

  1. Edit all fields of an employee record

  2. View private fields of other employees which are only visible to their reporting manager and HR partner

  3. Cannot access candidate information unless they are part of the job

  4. As a panel member of a job - they can view the candidate but can only give feedback.

That is all you need to know about the Employee Role, for more details, contact us at