Accessible to Admin, Account Admin and HR Partner.

As a company you may choose to show or hide any employee information you want from other employees, and business partners. With Freshteam, you can easily set customised visibility for certain employee information in a few simple steps. Let us see them in detail below: 

  1. Go to “Settings> Profile Fields > Employee Record.”

  2. Here you can edit each section’s visibility thereby setting the fields associated with them visible to whoever you wish. 

  3. To do this, hover over the section you wish to change, an edit icon will appear on the left side of the pane.

  1. Click it and a dialog box will appear. 

  2. Here, under “Access Permissions” go to “View Permissions” and click it to get a drop-down list of whom you can give permissions to.

  1. You can also give permissions to who can edit the information here. 

  2. Once you have selected the required choice, click “Update” to save the changes made.