This subscription process is for all accounts created on or after 6th December 2022.

Billing experience for customers of Freshteam is seamless with our 'Unified Billing Experience'. All updates to an account's subscription like plan upgrades, plan downgrades and buying additional user licenses can be managed from a single screen for all Freshworks products that you've subscribed to.

Freshteam customers can access subscription details from Freshteam's Settings tab. 


Who can manage subscriptions in Freshteam?

Every account administrator who can access Settings > Account > Plans & Billing on their Freshteam account can manage subscriptions. All account administrators automatically get added as an organization administrator so that they have access to make edits to their subscription on the Unified Billing Platform.

Managing your subscription

Every account administrator in Freshteam has the privilege to change their subscriptions at any given point in time. Below is the process to follow.

1. Click on Settings > Account > Plans & Billings on your Freshteam account.

2. A new tab opens up where you can see your current subscription details. This new tab is your All Subscriptions tab on the Unified Billing Platform which is a single interface that lists all your existing subscriptions within Freshworks.

3. Click on Buy Plan option for the account you want to edit.

4. The Manage Plan tab will open up. This has all the information like your current plan, billing cycle, total number of licenses, option to change currency in case you are on trial and the subscription summary that shows your total cost per billing cycle.

5. You can click on Change Plan and Freshteam's pricing options will be surfaced. This view helps you compare the different paid plans, the features each plan offer, and the difference in price point.

6. You can choose to buy one of the paid plans(Growth, Pro, Enterprise) or choose to scroll down and opt for the Free plan.

Downgrade: Moving from Paid Plans to the Free Plan

1. On choosing to downgrade to a Free Plan, you will see a banner that pops up. This banner will show details on what are the list of features you'll miss on account of your request to downgrade.

2. You will then be prompted to click on Confirm to proceed to the next step.

3. Change your billing cycle if need be & update the Total Employee count to 50. This is a mandatory step. If your Total Employee count is lesser than or greater than 50, an error message prompting you to enter a value of 50 shows up.

4. You must enter a value of exactly 50 as your Total Employee count to proceed to the next step.

5. Once you have made all necessary changes, you can check the Subscription Summary. 

6. You can also see the date from which your changes will be effective right below the Updated Subscription Cost. The 'effective from' date is typically the date of your next billing cycle.

7. Finally, click on Update Subscription to save the changes to your subscription.

8. As a confirmation that your request to downgrade has been received, you'll see a message that says 'Your subscription has been updated successfully'.


Please note that the downgrade will be effective from your next billing cycle, provided your account configuration meets the free plan restrictions. Else you will be charged as per the existing plan.

Downgrade: Moving from a Paid Plan to another Paid Plan

1. To downgrade from any paid plan to another, you can follow the same steps as mentioned above for the Paid to Free plan downgrade.

2. The only difference will be the list of features that you'll miss based on what plans you move from & move to. 

3. Also, the Total Employee count needn't exactly be 50 in this case (while downgrading from one paid plan to a lesser-priced paid plan).

Any downgrade request gets scheduled from the date that the request is placed by you.
What this means is, once you see the message that says 'Your subscription has been updated successfully', the next sticky message you see will be:

'We have received your request to change your subscription. It will be effective from <your next billing cycle date>.'

Until then, you have two options:
1. View Request: Click on this to see the changes you'll be seeing from your next billing cycle.
2. Cancel Request: This will cancel your downgrade/upgrade request immediately. You can't cancel your request after the 'effective from' date mentioned.

Upgrade: Moving from a lower plan to any higher plan

1. If you wish to upgrade, you need to click on Settings > Account > Plans & Billings on your Freshteam account.

2. A new tab with your subscription details opens up on the Unified Billing Platform.

3. Here, you can Manage Plan and make changes on the next screen that comes up - Plans and Billing screen.

4. Click on the Change Plan option to upgrade. And then select the Buy Plan button.

5. If needed, you can add more users by increasing the count of Total Employees from here. This is also an effective upgrade. 

6. Click on the Update Subscription button to confirm your upgrade request after making the necessary changes.

7. Your card will be charged with the updated subscription cost on a pro-rata , effective immediately.

Note: Unlike a downgrade request that is scheduled, every upgrade request is effective immediately.

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