Once a Freshteam account administrator requests a downgrade, a downgrade request is scheduled based on their next billing cycle.


There are some changes to your existing account configuration that needs to be done for the downgrade to get processed without any discrepancies within the Freshteam Plans & Billing page.

Setting your account up for a successful downgrade

If you had scheduled a downgrade, when you log in to your Freshteam account, the following banner asking you to complete your downgrade process comes up.

Click on Know More from the banner.

A pop up prompting you to Complete your downgrade process shows up.

This banner has the list of configurations that you need To Remove from your existing account.

It's mandatory to remove the configurations where you currently exceed the limit allowed in the new plan you've requested to downgrade to.

Once you remove all the additional configurations as indicated, you will notice that the To Remove column on the banner shows a green tick against all the rows.

Now you have unblocked Freshteam to process the downgrade successfully.

Your account will be downgraded effectively from your next billing cycle as mentioned in the banner.

For instance, let's say you have requested to downgrade from your current paid plan (Enterprise) to the free plan:

- The free plan will not support some of the premium capabilities that your current paid plan (Enterprise plan) supports. 
- The maximum number of Jobs that you can add on a Free plan is 3. If you have more than 3 jobs in your current Enterprise setup, you will need to remove the additional jobs. 
- Once you remove the additional jobs from your account you will see a green tick against the Jobs rows under the 'To Remove' column. 
- Similarly you need to make changes to all the feature configurations listed on the banner until you have all rows with green ticks.