Freshteam now supports seven languages besides English: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Traditional). Here are some language-related FAQs to bring you up to speed.

Where can I configure language settings?

  1. Career Portal (Settings => Career Site - Under Job Publishing)

  2. Employee Portal (This is a user level change. Every employee can change it by going to ‘Preferences’)

  3. Locations (Settings => Locations - Under General)

1) Does the job description get automatically translated when my career site has a language other than English? 

No. We’re afraid that you’ll have to type the description in the language you prefer. The templates you choose will not get automatically translated.

2) Can I have one portal in English and another in any of the other supported languages?

No, Freshteam does not have that capability at the moment.

3) Can different users have different languages set?

Yes, every user can select their own prefered language from the list available. This wouldn’t be reflected in any other profile.

4) If I change the location for an employee in Freshteam, would the language also change? How would that work?

For an already existing employee, the language won’t get changed even if the location is changed.

5) What if I added an inactive employee back to the account? Would their language change?

No, just like with employees, they’d have to go to ‘Preferences’ and change the language themselves.

6) I noticed a translation error. How do I let you know?

You can write to us at Please include a screenshot in the email so we know where to look. 

Alternatively, you can ping us on chat but we’ll still need that screenshot :)

7) My preferred language is not on your list. When will you start supporting it?

Drop us an email ( and we’ll make sure that you’re the first to know when we do.

8) I’ve set a language for my candidates but my email notifications are still in English. What do I do?

Unfortunately, email notifications are not translated when you change your language setting. If you want email notifications to go out in your preferred language, you’ll have to create the content yourself.