Google Meet has become an extremely common tool for the world. The HR teams use it extensively to schedule interview rounds. Let us explore how to integrate Google Meet with your existing Freshteam account. 

NoteTo integrate Google Meet, you have to integrate your Google Calendar with Freshteam first. If you already have it enabled, directly move on to step 6 in the article.


Steps to Integrate with Google Meet

1. Go to Settings > Integrations 

2. Enable Google Calendar

3. It will take you to the Google Oauth page to sign in to the Google Account that you would use to schedule meetings and interviews. Choose your account from the list.

4. Allow access to Freshteam to integrate with your Google Account. 

5. Once your Google account has been integrated into Freshteam successfully, you will be taken back to the Integrations page. 

6. Here, scroll down to Online Interviews to find Google Meet and click on the enable toggle. 

How to Schedule an Interview with Google Meet

1. Go to the candidate 360 page of the candidate you want to schedule an interview with. 

2. Select Interviews from the options at the top and choose Schedule Interviews 

3. The calendar will open up, and you can choose your time, day, and interviewer. In the drop-down option under Interview Type, choose Google Meet.

4. Click on Add and then Schedule and Continue to schedule the interview. 

5. A preset email will be sent if you choose to notify the candidate with the Google Meet Interview Link that your candidate and you can use to join the meeting room.

6. The interviewer will also get an email with the Google Meet link, which they can use to join. 

7. Or they can directly go to the candidate’s 360 page and find the interview link under the scheduled interviews tab. 


  • While setting the integration, I am seeing this error. How to fix this?

1. First, disable the "Google Calendar" integration from your Freshteam app. 

2. Go to your Google Account's Admin Settings > Security. 

3. Scroll down to find "Third-Party Apps without Account Access" 

4. You will find "Freshteam" under it, remove it from the list. 

5. Come back to Freshteam and enable the "Google Calendar" Integration again, and follow all the steps mentioned in the beginning of this article, your Google Meet integration should work fine then. 

  • A candidate joins the interview, but the interviewer is not getting a notification about the same. Why is this happening?

- Check if the users are in Gsuite Free plan. "interviewers not getting the prompt to allow candidates in" usually happens only for a particular free plan type- "Gsuite legacy-free". Users who use paid Gsuite/google workspaces plan don't face this issue. Also, all the employees / Users should be a part of that company account that has the G-suite license. 

- Alternatively: For users who cannot move to a paid plan can Turn off the google meet integration and copy-paste the google meet link of the interviewer(even the recruiter's link won't work) manually via Web Conference interview type.

- Google meet doesn’t work properly with a personal Gmail account (only the person whose email has been integrated can allow people to join the Google Meet conference. Interviewers(calendar invitees can on their own without approval. But they can’t admit others into the interview call and this is something that can be done only by the email id owner))

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