IntroMagic is a popular online video interview platform that enables HR teams to assess candidates and choose the right talent. The video-based candidate screening feature helps you screen candidates for personality, communication skills, job & culture fit even before meeting them. You can filter & shortlist only the top candidates for a final interview, thus clearing out the smoke. 

For candidates, IntroMagic acts as an excellent platform to make a tailored video pitch on why they should be hired. Candidates can make great first impressions, thus building a systematic hiring process that eliminates bias and helps recruiters hire fast, smartly, and efficiently. 

With Freshteam and IntroMagic integration, you can review interview questions and send invitations to the candidates listed in Freshteam - all within 5 minutes. 


Watch this short video to learn how to integrate with IntroMagic and conduct a video-based interview

Steps to Integrate with Intromagic

Inside IntroMagic

1. Sign up or log in to IntroMagic’s recruiter portal:

2. To create a job and set up video interview questions, navigate to Job and click on Post Job 

3. Select the job-specific questions for the candidate and also specify the time allowed per question. Once done you will see this job post listed under the Job section

4. Inside the IntroMagic app, click on the name icon in the top-right corner and select API-Keys from the drop-down list. You will arrive on the Settings page

5. Scroll down to the API-Keys section and select Freshworks as the partner name.

6. Generate and copy the API Key

Inside Freshteam

1. In your Freshteam account, navigate to Settings -> Integrate with other apps -> Apps -> IntroMagic. Click on Install.

2. In the configuration page, paste the IntroMagic API key, as well as the Freshteam’s API key. Click on install.

3. The integration has been successfully set up. As a next step, navigate to the candidate list in Freshteam and open the candidate’s profile page whom you want to invite for a video interview

4. You will see an IntroMagic board on the right side. In the Video Interview Kit section of this board, you will see the IntroMagic jobs(interview questions) which were created inside your IntroMagic recruiter account. Select the interview kit you want the candidate to answer in his/her video interview. Next, review the interview invitation message and set the deadline time for video interview submission. Click on send

5. The candidate will now receive an email invitation for the online video interview.

6. At any point in time, you can edit, add or delete the interview questions by going back inside the IntroMagic recruiter account and clicking on the pencil icon next to the job. The changes you make will reflect in real-time within Freshteam.

View Candidate’s Video Application Outside Freshteam

1. Once the candidate completes the video interview, you will receive their video application link to your registered IntroMagic’s email id.

2. You can share this video application with your recruitment team by clicking on the share icon on the video application or simply copying and pasting the video application URL. You can also view this video inside your IntroMagic recruiter Dashboard.

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