Note: Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Google Hangouts can be used as one of your Interview tools and with Freshteam, you can integrate easily and directly select the tool while scheduling the interview, all done in simple and easy steps. We will now see how:


How to Integrate with Google Hangouts

1. Go to Settings > Productivity > Integrations

2. Under Online Interviews, you will find Google Hangouts.

3. Click the Enable toggle to integrate with the Tool. 

How to Schedule an Interview with Google Hangouts 

1. Go to Recruit > Job of your Choice > Candidate or you can directly go to Recruit > Candidates. 

2. Once you have chosen the candidate whom you want to schedule an interview with, you will be taken to the Schedule Interview Screen. 

3. Here as you add an interview, choose the stage, and then the interview type as Google Hangouts

4. Select/ Fill all the other required details, click Schedule and Continue to save and schedule your Google Hangouts interview. 

5. To begin the interview, go to the candidate's 360 page, under Interviews you will find the Scheduled Interview and the Start button that will send you to the Google Hangouts page. 

6. From here, you can send the invite link to your candidate whose email ID will be automatically selected, you can also add anyone else like more panel members you want on the interview by entering their email IDs and sending the invite. Alternatively, you can copy the Invite link and send it if you prefer. 

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